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Hi guys my name is laressa and today i will tell you everything you need to know about prodanting before you actually buy this product if you're thinking of buying prodanting stay with me i'm going to be really brief with this video bringing the most important information regarding pro dante so stay With me okay first important thing i will share with you it's an alert where you buy prodanting from because today producting is only sold in the official website so to help you out i'm leaving the link of the official website under the description of my video and why i Share this with you because there are other marketplaces trying to sell pro-denting but be careful first because you cannot guarantee its formula it may harm your body and second you may not get this product in your home and spend all your money so it's just a warning be Careful but let's go to the point what is pro-denting does it really work pro-banding is something that you never experienced before food ending has a unique formula made of 3.5 billion probiotics and nutrients that will help to repopulate your mouth with the good bacteria and yes you didn't understood Wrong it's good bacteria we think that bacteria is bad but the good bacteria is important to balance our microbiome and you won't believe what the scientist discovered that our common dental products such as toothpaste a mouthwash all of them are the bad guys they are full of toxins And they are the one destroying the good bacterias in your mouth so this is why pro denting came with this great natural formula that will help to repopulate with the good bacteria so pro denting will help with the health of your gums and teeth will help to whitening with This strawberry you're gonna find in prodanting will help with anti-inflammatory processes so if you have pain or any discomfort in your mouth a protein will help you're gonna also help if your respiratory tract you're gonna help with your immune system so not only your mouth health but Also your body in general i'm gonna list some of the ingredients so then you can also understand all the other benefits that can bring to your body you will find inland that will support the good bacteria the malic acid that is the strawberries i mentioned that will help with the two whiteness precaution Phosphate that supports two health and peppermint that is the natural anti-inflammatory you're gonna find three lactobacillus that will support the health of your gum help with sinus and not to stay free and open help with any inflammatory problems support a healthy mouth environment supports the balance of vermont bacteria the Respiratory tract and maintain a healthy immune system the treatment guys pretty easy and pleasurable yes you're gonna have one tablet you're gonna shoot every morning slowly those tablets and that's it but i have two important things to share the first one guys if you decide to do the treatment take it corrected do It seriously so in order to see results do it correct do not skip a day okay second advice that you should never compare yourself because each body and each organism reacts in a different way so do not expect that whatever works to your friend or to your mother we work For you respect your goals your routine and your treatment and i have something really good to share right now that if you try pro dancing and you don't see results you don't like or any other reason no questions are asked guys and you have 60 days money back guarantee so guys i really Hope i help you with this video i really hope that pro dinting can help improve your life in general but also your mouth guns and tees and you have any questions comments feel free to leave down below and i'll be more than happy to help you okay bye

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