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This video is about Prodentim review and I just  want to show you kind of what the actual product   looks like um that you receive it from the  official website which I have linked below   there's a lot of third-party companies  that sell this on Amazon and so forth   They even have different similar looking bottles  but this is actually a chewable so I'm going to   open this up and show you the actual supplement  and this is what it's supposed to look like   this is prodentim It's advanced oral  probiotic so it's clinically researched   Okay so I'm on the website here as you can see  Amazon and I'm going to show you why you should   not purchase directly from Amazon I know a lot of  people do that they'll type in prodentum Amazon   And whatnot but here is why I never purchase the  any kind of supplements or especially Prodentim   this is actually a good supplement and I'm  going to show you on here these are capsules   and they're not chewables and this third-party  copycat seller is copying prodentim officially   And is clearly infringing on on the supplement  because this is not the actual supplement so do   not purchase prodentim um from Amazon I'll have  the actual link below for the correct website   and um because this is fraudulent selling here so thanks for watching For healthy healthy teeth and gums long lasting  fresh breath uh your nose and throat immune health   so this is um a high quality  product which I'm going to recommend   um and if you make sure you get the chewable  do not get the the capsules I know Amazon cells   Do not buy any kind of supplements you  know from from Amazon I do not recommend   Amazon for that reason because there's  so many third-party sellers that they cut   cat especially supplements I don't  know if you've noticed recently Amazon   I'm going to show you a clip here and reviews so  this is actually what it looks like Pro dentum   and um it really smells really good it smells  like a strawberry flavor and uh this stuff really   works so this is the bottle this is the actual  packaging official packaging what it looks like   Do not purchase any third party copycat you  know vendors from Amazon or any other website   and I'll have the actual official website below  the description this product really works for   um oral probiotics for your oral uh health you've  got gum issues any kind of bad breath issues   This is it right here Pro dentum and  let's take a look at the ingredients of uh   and first actually let's look at the suggested  use on here so it says uh take one soft tablet   one or up to two times a day or as  recommended by your health care provider   Ideally after brushing teeth or using mouthwash  allow it to completely dissolve in your mouth   okay caution as with any dietary  supplement you should consult your   health care provider before use especially if  pregnant nursing or have any medical condition So keep Out Of Reach of children store in a  cool dry place and so here's the ingredients   of prodentum ingredients here list so one tablet  there's 30 tablets in the supply that I purchased   and so it has 100 milligrams of this end so you  can see that sorry inulin powder chicory root   100 milligrams in proprietary probiotic  blend here and so they're disclosing 20 milligrams of streptococcus salivarius and  20 milligrams of these three ingredients here okay those are the ingredients some  other ingredients here at the bottom phosphate natural strawberry  flavored peppermint essential oil so that's probably like a maybe  a preservative or just the the   Actual flavor flavors but it's it's  all this is all natural stuff here and uh comment below thanks  for watching prodentim review

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