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Hello guys i'm amanda and today i will tell you everything you need to know about the prodentum before you buy i also have two very important alerts for you pay attention to what i'm going to tell you the first thing you need to know about prodentum is Be careful with the website that you will buy because prudentim is only sold on the official website unfortunately many people are selling this fake product on websites spread across the internet and for you not to risk buying a fake product putting your health at risk and losing money i left The link from the official prodentum website here below in the description of this video for you to access safely okay now i'm going to tell you what is prodentum and how it works prodentum is an innovative dental health supplement formulated by doctors with scientifically proven ingredients and widely studied to strengthen teeth and Gums prevent the formation of cavities keep breath fresh end pain and bleeding after many laboratory tests and studies scientists have identified a natural formula with concentrated and potent ingredients but very safe for your body to provide nutrients and good bacteria essential for good oral health keep your teeth always strong and naturally Protected free of sensitivity inflammation and pain and keep your gums always healthy ridding you of the predatory bacteria buried deep in your gums eating the roots of your teeth spreading through your throat and nose some dental products that we use in our daily lives can end up with the good Bacteria present in our mouth which are responsible for good oral health for the protection of teeth and gums the perdentium formula contains probiotic strains of good essential bacteria which will repopulate your mouth to preserve a healthy environment naturally and efficiently prudentum will also benefit your respiratory system by helping your body Get rid of allergies helps with inflammation and maintains a healthy immune system prodentum comes in sweet chewable tablets is an innovative formula that contains billions probiotics which are lactobacillus pericaci lactobacillus reuteri and b lactis for all these bacteria will promote good oral health assists in the health of the gums Decrease inflammation assist immune and respiratory system help in cleaning the mouth and help maintain a normal color in the teeth prodentum also contains the following ingredients inulin which helps the preservation of good bacteria malic acid and strawberry helps keep teeth white try calcium phosphate which supports teeth health and peppermint which is a Natural anti-inflammatory i will leave the link of the official website in the description of the video for you to check okay perdentum will increase the production of good bacteria and provide essential minerals and vitamins for good oral health helps keep the mouth clean eliminating debris that sticks to the Teeth and will generally improve your oral health and well-being prudentium will treat inflammatory processes eliminate your toothaches and bad breath strengthen the gums and decrease bleeding and also decrease the sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold drinks so yes you can trust on perdentium the prodentum will help you and much to Improve your health and oral well-being but it is important you take the necessary preventive care so that your oral health is one hundred percent always remember to brush your teeth at least three times a day use daily dental floss and regularly visit your dentist it is recommended that you slowly chew One tablet of perdentium every morning for at least three months you will notice changes in your teeth and gums already in the first month of consumption but on average three months is the time your body takes to adapt to treatment and is the time when other perdentium users reveal they have Reached high levels of satisfaction with the supplement but each body reacts in a way to treatment so your time to notice all the benefits may vary from other users prudentim is formulated for anyone of any age and any kind of medical condition can take quietly does not cause side effects all ingredients are Tested and approved prudentium is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the united states based on research and studies of doctors and dentists approved by the fda is made under strict and accurate sterile standards certified by the gmp and is non-gmo many people are using and approving the Prodentum you can also be one of them feel the benefits of healthy teeth and gums in your day today and if you use prudentum and for some reason end up not enjoying or not feeling all the effects of the product you just need to request a refund Because prudentum has a full 60 day money back guarantee the intention of the producers is that their experience with prudentium is of total satisfaction the perdentum really works if you are thinking of using can use without fear because i'm sure you will have a good result with it Remember to only access the official website to prevent you from clicking on some suspicious link and buying something fake and lose your money i left the link from the official website here below in the description of this video to help you i hope i have helped with this Information and that you can enjoy all the benefits that this product has to offer bye bye

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