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Okay this video is about pro dentum review and this is a specific uh probiotic more so than a supplement for your oral microbiota and believe me that i just researched there's such a a thing actually as a for your mouth a probiotic it might oral microbiota so you can research that but You know you have your gut you have probiotics for your gut uh like yogurts and kefirs and so forth well this is designed for your gums and teeth and uh what i'm gonna show you i'm gonna take one of these tablets kind of show you what they look like and I'm actually one of the few videos on youtube i think with the actual holding the actual product and i'm going to take what they look like they're like a little um candy look tablet that's going to dissolve in your mouth just leave it in your mouth right every morning take it after Brushing your teeth you know mouthwash and what this does it it provides the saliva it kind of dissolves the essential supplements the enzymes the minerals rather back into your mouth so and this has been helping me with bleeding gums i had a lot of bleeding gum issues in my mouth bad breath Waking up dry cough and make sure you get this from the site i have linked below because i ordered like everybody else probably they go on amazon and try to get this product and you will not get these these are not chewables these are they're not capsules so as you can see Um they're like a dissolving candy but it's sugar-free it's a sugar-free it dissolves in your mouth so like these mineral tablets if you will so this video i'm going to go over to dr drew sutton that came up with this some research behind it and so forth so Make sure you get this from the site i have linked below do not go to amazon because there's so many third party copycat sellers so many ever since bezo bozos left amazon that amazon is no good with supplements but this is really good stuff in here i'm Going to show you what the ingredients are again and get into that um but basically it's advanced oral probiotic clinically researched for healthy teeth and gums um long lasting fresh breath and also helps your your sinus in here also so some kind of um i have it in my mouth It kind of dissolves around your gums and it's it's kind of a little bit chalky tasting but there's no taste to it it's not sweet so we're going to go over the data the the articles that are referenced in the the videos and the sales pages on this product okay Okay in this uh video i wanted to dig up some more research on dr drew sutton and uh here's what i pulled up and everything looks okay to me if um if you see otherwise out there on the internet uh please comment in the video but apparently here in mdf facts and vitals And these three uh vitals so these are big big websites md medical uh websites and he's so he's the founder of um the probiotic pro dentum and uh what's really pretty cool is uh his background was in specialized training in complex sinus surgery uh pulmonary disorders so he also went to university Rochester school of medicine and dentistry so he's uh everything checks out here uh he's got his linkedin there so i don't i don't know if he's still practicing i couldn't uh find his license but in the promo videos he's you know i just have footage of him Kind of looking at the desk and so on so um i don't know why he's uh he's not talking about the product himself in the video that's kind of my my only question but that's he's there he's legit um and the the other video i wanted to talk about um Is uh the oral microbiota so there is such a thing here on on youtube look that up it's a great video talks about you know good and bad bad bacteria in your mouth and you know depending on how you what kind of foods you eat if you drink And how you need to replenish the good bacteria in your mouth for for your gum health teeth health and so on so and so let's get back to the studies okay so i'm on the uh amazon website and here is a lot of these knockoffs or you know third-party sellers they'll come in And make these labels and sell these capsules um this product is not in a capsule form um it's it's not really a chewable it's more of a mineral soft tablet that kind of dissolves in your mouth so you know i know everybody wants to go on Amazon and i know they have a great return policy customer service but do not buy this from amazon i would not recommend it because you're gonna you're gonna be really disappointed right here as you can see this is it looks just like it but if you inspect it And compare it to the real uh bottle uh from the official website which i'll have linked below it's totally different and because i was you know i bought it from amazon i got the same thing i got these capsules and i was like wait a second This is not the same then ordered from the site to replenish my 90-day supply and it's not the same thing so i do not purchase from amazon and you know ever since like i mentioned before the ceo left so everything's i think it's going downhill with amazon as far as supplements And if you're like me and skeptical with taking a new supplement like i was you know i started off taking the the tablet half of half of the tablets for like two weeks before i started up up dosing to the full uh tablet so it's a round tablet and you can split It in half or take half put in the ziploc bag take it the next day and uh you're gonna see a benefit it's kind of like brushing your teeth you're you're actually gonna feel it after um i would say two to three weeks i guess it depends on your your background your Your your health condition if you're you know if you're a smoker drinker or what kind of your diet your diet consists of if you a lot of sweets it really depends on that factors it might take a little bit longer but for me it was about three weeks and then i Got the 90-day supply directly from the site which i'll have linked below but um so this is what you're going to get from amazon the fake it's a fake label you can see they printed it out it does not look it looks pretty close but that's not it So in the infomercial the doctor talks about how they you know find up dig up these uh the skull the teeth that are perfectly intact from like 5 000 years ago and he compares them to today's teeth you know somebody who brushes every day with cavities So the question he's asking is how come teeth can thrive thousands of years outside the mouth you know covered in dirt and then the elements while in the mouth they can get ruined by you know plain you know chocolate and food so here's my theory maybe it's Because we snack more or we constantly you know have our mouth full of snacks like every 30 minutes every hour we don't have a break like we did thousands of years ago we just ate one meal a day i don't know that's my my theory i'm no doctor So going back to the video he talks about you know it's not genetic it's not what you eat and i kind of you know that kind of turned me on because i i was i'm on a keto diet i've been doing keto no snacking and exercise daily for The past couple years and i still had issues with my gums uh bleeding you know i had uh kind of what he described in this video and it kind of struck a chord with me uh so one thing i know these you know dental procedures are expensive i mean Go into it you know dennis i'm not going to tell you you know the cost for any kind of uh issues you have with your teeth or gums is expensive one thing that i i want to provide that's helped me is like when you eat fruit Is to rinse out your mouth with water right afterwards another thing is you can use uh coconut oil and i believe it's baking baking powder or baking soda like a toothpaste so i'm on the pro dentum uh website and what i like about prodentum here on the actual website is the reference The scientific references which um this this one specifically on talks about the oral microbiome findings on the correlation here so recent study put out found that people who have good teeth have a high population of good bacteria in the mouth and that's what i like here in in the footer Also he has all these um here right here all the references here so so as a consumer i'm interested of course in the actual ingredients here if they're gonna help help me out or benefit or if they're gonna do harm and from the label they're disclosing these this proprietary probiotic blend i Don't even know how to pronounce these lactobacillus pericase the other one is rudori and the final one is bafido bacterium lactus bl4 so let's do some research see what what these things are okay i'm on the nih website doing some research on the one of the probiotics here mentioned lactobacillus rutary I guess that's how you pronounce it but pretty pretty cool uh conclusion here from this uh the study let me go to the conclusion here at the bottom here so it's got uh and it reads out there has been a decrease in the abundance of el rutari rotary In humans in the past few decades likely caused by modern lifestyle so antibiotic use western diet and improved hygiene so a such decrease coincides with higher incidences of inflammatory diseases this is huge this is a great uh probiotic addition here so and i did some you know other more Research i kept digging on that specific uh rutary from this guy right here microbian this is a great video really talks about that probiotic as being a like a collagen uh builder um and it's it's almost as powerful as a osteoporosis drug um a lot of benefits i could not believe The amount of benefits from this rotary and uh so that's the the first thing uh probiotic ingredient are you still with me hopefully you're here on this video with along with me the second uh probiotic ingredient there i'm not sure if it's in the correct order but it's baffedo bacterium lactus Man this stuff is just getting really good um i'm on the nih website and i'm going to scroll down with this uh conclusion of this probiotic from this study let's see here one second that's where's the conclusion all these charts let me just keep scrolling okay here we go So its support has been shown to support a healthy gastrointestinal microbiota has been shown to improve bowel function protective against diarrhea side effects reduce side effects of antibiotic treatment in terms of immune function clinical studies have shown that bb12 increases the body's resistance to common respiratory infections As well as the incidence of acute respiratory tract infections now how is that i mean that's i guess we're all connected you know the gut um the gastro uh kind of uh you know affects the the respiratory um in this video this guy talks about the feto bacterium lactus also this doctor here And he talks about um leaky gut it helps with a leaky gut and uh the acids you know you get a cytokine storm you get inflammation and and you get headaches so you know the more i'm digging into this probiotic uh supplement from prodentum the better it looks So this is the second ingredient so let's keep going okay so the final probiotic here is lactobacillus para kc i guess that's how it's pronounced but there's a lot of studies on it as well um one of the websites is talks about impact on skin benefits so unhealthy positive benefit for With moderate to severe dandruff i mean how is this stuff even possible so this is the nih lactobacillus uh reduces intestinal inflammation so the the more and more i'm digging into these three main uh ingredients here the other ones are kind of like filler ingredients but these i'm interested in the The the actual uh probiotics these are really beneficial some um i'm gonna have a link to all these studies you can you know research them uh read the articles or watch videos on them and inform yourself but i think you're gonna benefit with uh prodentum probiotic supplement um the nih All these websites here talks about specifically what how he handled the root cause of of this is a really a unique product so i'm going to highly recommend you know try it out for a couple weeks i know it's it's very easy to actually criticize and and say something Is spam that's it's it's so easy to go on amazon or any any website any kind of uh supplement or if you're you have a bad experience you get the the wrong product you're automatically it's so much easier for any consumer to say something bad than it is to to actually take the Energy and and make uh you know a positive a positive review to actually do a review but this is my review i purchased the product by myself uh did the research i mean read you know all the stuff yourself it's it's you know it it takes some time for it to work um You know it it's really good i mean i'm gonna highly recommend it there's a link to it below if you have any questions i'm going to create a a blog on on this specific topic topic myself and my journey i'll have a link on that as well thanks for watching If you have any questions subscribe comment share this video thank

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