PRODENTIM – ProDentim Reviews (( DOES IT WORK?)) ProDentim Supplement Really Works? PRODENTIM REVIEW

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This is my pro dentum review these are kind of like uh like a yogurt dissolving tablet you can kind of put in your mouth and just kind of let them dissolve around your gums and these have been working great rebuilding uh reseeding gums and fighting cavities and putting in Back the good bacteria in my mouth so far so good smell like strawberries so i'm here on and i wanted to show you the oral probiotic i was using before prodentum which is actually the dentist recommended this probiora pro and i took that the and this is a great Product to get from you know if you want to start off with a lower dosage um but the pro dentum is just a professional grade and for me it works better but just because if you look at the cfu the uh active ingredients here it only it only has 125 million cf U of the those three probiotics whereas prodentum has like 3.5 billion and it's a lot more than this probiora so if if you are going to use amazon to purchase you could you know get this but don't purchase the pro dentum from amazon because there's so many Uh third-party sellers let me just show you type in prodentum and you can see look at all these reviews they're they're like one star one and a half star and because let's see if i can pull up any photos here but they're not the original uh pro dentum it's like a knockoff Third-party sellers and copycats that are selling junk the prodentum is actually a dissolving like a tablet like a candy that you dissolve in your your mouth and around your gums you can you know chew it or just let it dissolve it's not a capsule or anything like that it looks Exactly like this right here i'm gonna show you up close again there you go thanks for watching

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