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Biggest thing that i've noticed so far taking the probe denim What's going on guys so in this video i'm going to be doing a review on prodentum right here all right so that's what it looks like now this is an oral probiotic supplement um and actually came across this product as i was just doing a ton of research on oral health on Just things that you can do proactively to just enhance the health of your teeth in your gums because if you've been watching my channel you know that about two and a half years ago i lost this front tooth which has been just a nightmare in terms Of trying to get it replaced i went through a few failed dental implant surgeries and it was just not fun whatsoever so i realized that uh financially me looking into just different precautions that i can take to really optimize and enhance my oral health would most definitely be a good idea just because There's also a ton of stuff coming out about how the world your oral microbiome actually tells a lot about your overall health and even so much so that the biome test i don't know if you guys have done the vinyl test but i highly recommend it Um with that it basically can tell you what kind of diet you're supposed to eat based on your gut microbiome it's a gut microbiome analysis uh essentially and uh they just released their full body intelligence test which on top of those two things includes an oral microbiome assessment as well Just because based on the composition of different probiotics in your mouth you know as a matter of fact the research as of late uh has been showing that if you have issues with your teeth whether it's cavities bad breath inflammation tooth decay a lot of it Is not just due to the fact that you're not brushing your teeth or you're not using mouthwash but rather it just matters the the composition of the different microbes in your mouth right and dr paul saladino actually talks in more length about this topic he says that he Doesn't even use toothpaste he just brushes his teeth with regular water and as long as he says as long as your diet is really locked in place you're eating whole foods well you're giving your body the right composition then you're not going to deal with bad breath or anything it Really it makes sense in a way because our you know our ancestors didn't have toothpaste and mouthwash and all these things to use on a regular basis toothpaste or not most toothpaste contains fluoride at massively increased concentrations relative to water fluoride and toothpaste 1500 parts per million Fluoride in water one part per million you should definitely not in my belief be giving fluoride toothpaste to your kids because they're going to swallow it they're going to get so much fluoride into their stomachs and into their bodies it's a mineral that is found throughout our diets if we are eating a Whole foods diet you do not need fluoride in your water or fluoride in your toothpaste to prevent tooth decay if you are getting enough fat soluble vitamins in your diet and furthermore if your breath stinks it's because of a problem in your gut dysbiosis rather than a problem with not using toothpaste In your mouth yes you can have dysbiosis in your mouth too but it originates in your gut fix your gut if you have bad breath get rid of fluoride toothpaste i don't even think any toothpaste in general in your life it's all yeah so this right here is really just One of the only products that i found that is a probiotic for your mouth and for your oral health right my most probiotics on the market even seed probiotic which i definitely do highly recommend uh to take as your base probiotic because that essentially covers everything this pro-densum right here specifically targets populating Your oral cavity with the right microbes and the right strains of probiotics that have been shown and proven to be beneficial in the way of supporting the health of your teeth and gums promoting better breath and just stronger teeth right which everybody wants and nobody wants to have To shell out thousands of dollars because they need to you know have all these things fixed and so given that we do have things at our disposal like probiotics like this it just it doesn't make sense why you wouldn't want to invest so yeah even if you were like me And you were just a victim of a poor diet growing up you were using traditional toothpaste mouthwash things that are just laced with a ton of bad ingredients that cause more harm than good the good news is that you actually can repopulate your microbiome to support strong teeth You know just better overall health in general so that's why i came across this um it is a little pricey but honestly relative and compared to the thousands of dollars that i've paid uh in dental bills to try to get this implant over the past a few years it just pales in comparison So if you look at it as an investment it's just sort of the same as food right you pay the money up front and you invest in good quality food you invest in good quality supplements you know that's going to go a super long way in avoiding disease avoiding health issues later Down the road so the way that i see it is you either pay for it now or you pay for it later and it's really you just decide although if you decide to pay later you're probably going to end up paying a lot more but sad truth is that most people don't Really take care of their health until it's too late or until they have an issue right it's just the world that we live in i'll see that's really why i'm excited to share this with you guys i think a lot of you guys would definitely see a lot of benefit From it and i do think that in the near future there's going to be a ton of products like this coming out it just so happens that this is one of the few one of the only ones on the market that i could find that dealt with repopulating your oral microbiome with The right uh strains of probiotics and i've i've been taking this for about a month now and i can say that my breath you know never was really a big issue or anything but my two sensitivity a lot of times after i would have something really acidic it would just get extremely sensitive And the sensitivity in my teeth has gone down a lot which you know in most cases just indicates uh less of a propensity to get cavities yeah i really haven't noticed my teeth getting all that more whiter the lessening of sensitivity i'd say is definitely the biggest Thing that i've noticed so far taking the pro denim and just that in and of itself just means that it must be doing something to prevent tooth decay and probably cavities and just other things that are detrimental to your teeth if you have if you're out there and you Have tried the pro densum out let us know down in the comments just what your experience has been what kind of benefits you've noticed uh taken i'm curious to know if any of you guys have so yeah the way that i've been using this is just in the morning after brushing my teeth I'll just take one tablet and it's essentially just like in a dissolvable candy that you just stick in your mouth you chew it on it a little bit and then you just kind of let it sit on there ideally you don't want to eat or drink anything afterwards strains They include in the blend which has 3.5 billion cfus which isn't a ton but then again they're all designed to help oral health and so again if you're looking for overall more comprehensive probiotic i would definitely check out seed which i will link to down below as well uh so the actual strains Included in the mix here include lactobacillus pericasia which supports health of your gums also helps your sinuses stay free and open which is cool a lot of people deal with issues with that uh lactobacillus ruderi which helps with inflammation supports healthy mouth environment b lactus blo4 supports the balance of Mouth bacteria supports respiratory tract maintains healthy immune system and then we got bliss k-12 which supports a healthy mouth respiratory tract immune system and blis m18 which uh maintains normal tooth color and supports cleanliness of your mouth so everything is you know designed in effect to just target the oral Microbiome and really just optimize it for max overall health of your mouth but yeah honestly if you're watching this even if you don't currently have any dental issues anything that you're dealing with at the time it's like i mentioned just super important to be proactive because you don't know if you Could under the hood be dealing with some kind of nutrient deficiency or just some issue in terms of tooth decay or something that all of a sudden can you know pop up out of nowhere next thing you know um the dentists are telling you that you need this and you need that And in most cases the dentist uh are just at the end of the day they're out for a profit and they want to make as much money as possible and a lot of times they just recommend things that maybe you don't need and could have been easily preventable right and prevented In the future if you were just smart about things right but then also even if you do happen to be in a position where you get something done there's really no guarantee that something's gonna work so for instance an example in my case i just my front tooth right here right There in the front popped off when i was eating something and i've been in the process of getting a dental implant the first surgery of placing the implant failed they drilled into the soft tissue instead of the bone um so they had to go back in another surgery to remove the implant Then you know you gotta wait like four to six months for that to heal then they went in another surgery to get the new bone graft let that heal boom then you have to wait a certain amount of time another surgery to put the new implant in Let that heal another surgery to you know open it up and then hopefully i can get this crown on but just reiterating that you don't know if an operation is gonna work or not and with teeth just everyone is so different every case is different you want to make sure that You do your research which is what i definitely recommend doing in my case i didn't do enough research i didn't go to the right person i just kind of went to somebody on google who had highly rated reviews when in reality you know i should have went to somebody called a biological dentist Which they just use materials that aren't harmful to your health and they take a more holistic approach instead of just right off the bat wanting to slice you open because just all the pain and hardship that you have to go through both financially and mentally Uh if you do happen to deal with a big uh tooth issue is just not fun and you can take it from me it's been like two and a half to almost three years trying to get this new tooth so again any investment that you can make to prevent the possibility of dealing With major dental surgeries or operations is highly advisable and you know take it from me someone that's really struggled with uh this a lot so yeah with that being said i mean definitely check them out i would just recommend it see what kind of benefits that you get from taking it Uh link it will be down below if you want to pick some up there's really you have nothing to lose they have a money back guarantee if you don't see any results from taking it so again it's a it's a must in my opinion so yeah thanks for watching the video Guys don't forget to drop me a like down below see you on the next one already peace Foreign

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