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What's up guys welcome back to my channel i'm lauren if you're new here and today i'm here with the highly requested video review of the pro dentum dental probiotic this is something that a lot of you have asked me have i tried it yet because i've reviewed some other Dental products in the past and this one i guess is the latest and greatest big thing that's out there and a few weeks ago i was at the dentist and my gums still have a little bit of issues but nothing serious but my dentist actually recommended that i get a Probiotic more specifically a probiotic focused on dental health so i decided what better time than now to actually go ahead get the prodentum try it out and i've been using it for a few weeks now so i'm going to tell you guys some things i am a real person i actually use this When i was looking for information and reviews out there i found a lot of like not so real reviews so i wanted to actually try it myself and then tell you guys because i figured there's some people out there that want to know about it gummy tastes good Way better than i was expecting um and more importantly when i was looking i bought this from their website directly i put it below because i saw that some of them were on amazon and the company itself does not suggest that you buy anywhere but their trusted website so that is number one Number two i had to go back to the dentist actually for something unexpected but not a routine visit just a couple days ago and she told me like within three weeks so i've been taking this for three weeks now every single day within three weeks of me being there the Last time she has seen an improvement in my dental oral health overall my gums and everything else another reason why i love this product is because it is safe so there's natural ingredients inside here and there is a lot of good bacteria so you can read all the information on Their website but you probably already know probiotics are full of good bacteria and good bacteria helps our health essentially and these help our dental health it helps with gum health i have even noticed that my teeth have gotten whiter it even helps with overall health so they mentioned on their Website that it will help with allergies so allergy symptoms it'll help with bad breath if you suffer from bad breath and a lot of other things too so that was another reason why i chose this brand specifically was because yes it is focused on dental health and it'll help Your overall dental and oral health but it's going to improve your overall health as well so that was a big plus for me um all the ingredients inside of here i checked out before i got it because that is something that's very important to me when i'm buying anything that i'm consuming So everything checks out on my list and honestly it sounds kind of weird but since i've been using this i've just felt like my teeth are like stronger i don't really know how to like describe it i just feel like i don't get as many like set little sensitivities as i used To when i used to like drink hot or cold things again nothing like super serious that i suffered from but just like little things that i've noticed and even like i said my dentist has noticed a good improvement in my dental health and my gums specifically so I feel like this product is well worth it again if you get it on their trusted website um don't go to like a sketchy third party or i wouldn't even get it on amazon because there's a bunch of sellers on amazon and you don't know who's giving it to you So make sure that you're getting it from prodentum like from their website and they have some deals going on right now if you want to get it right now but overall i feel like these have helped me my dentist has confirmed that they've helped me and i think that this product is well Worth it i normally take a probiotic for my health for my gut so of course i take my oral health and my dental health seriously so now i'm taking a probiotic for that too because i want my teeth to last i'm still young and i've got my Whole life ahead of me and i want to make sure that any issues that come up are taken care of and this is going to help me even into the future with avoiding any dental issues so i would give this a thumbs up i would recommend Prodentum if you guys want to check it out i'll put the link below and that's to their official website the only place that you should get it again there's a lot of scams out there there's a lot of ones out there that aren't real and i get that question a lot about Things that i try to use like how do i know that it's like the real thing like order from the company order from the company's website that's all i can recommend but if you guys have any questions leave them in the comments i've been getting a Lot of questions about this so i imagine i will get more questions as you guys watch this but feel free to leave them below i would be more than happy to answer them and i will see you guys soon bye

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