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Hello my name is dr drew sutton and i want to show you something that few people get the chance to see this is a pair of 2 500 year old teeth from one of our ancestors it looks like this after being buried deep in the mud for centuries and accidentally excavated By heavy machinery not even a small cavity or crack even though toothpaste brushes or dentists were inexistent back then now these are the teeth of a 45 year old patient who brushes every day never misses a dentist appointment and eats sweets only on occasion so how come Teeth can thrive for thousands of years outside of the mouth covered in dirt and worms while in the mouth they get ruined by plain chocolate i can tell you now it's not genetics nor how healthy you are it has nothing to do with what you eat either instead it has everything to Do with something you are using every single day thinking it keeps you healthy and safe when in fact it's getting inside your gum pockets eating at your teeth putting you at risk of throbbing pain inflammation and infections while also making you prone to allergies clog sinuses headaches or gut issues but once You'll find out what it is you will finally be able to quickly start rebuilding your gums and teeth stop the bleeding and the itching once and for all while forgetting all about bad breath cavities and yellow teeth not only that but you'll also be able to breathe better clear your throat and Sinuses and enjoy a perfectly smooth digestion i have always taken such good care of my teeth brushing flossing even giving up sweets and i just couldn't understand why my gums always felt like they were swollen and itchy or why cavities would just pop up overnight Now it feels like i've got a new set of teeth and gums thank you so much dr drew for the first time in decades i am not in pain pretty cool what dr drew was telling me to do seemed absolutely crazy but what can i say i was desperate so i Thought i'll give this a try maybe for a couple weeks and i can't believe how well it worked the results were great no more toothaches no more infections and no more that metallic blood taste in my mouth and thank god no more bad breath i had been suffering from throbbing gum Infections for five years and two of my teeth were moving it was so bad i was afraid to eat my doctor told me either i save money for implants or i have to get dentures imagine that at my age i still can't believe dr drew's method Saved me from all that torture now i tell everyone i have shark teeth hi my name is dr drew sutton and before we go any further let's address the elephant in the room if you're like most of my clients then you've probably heard all the promises before and even tried a Lot of the so-called solutions out there stuff like deep dental cleaning and scaling antibiotics fillings and root canals or even gum grafts maybe you've put your hopes into supplements vitamins powders sprays or herbal teas or maybe you're even thinking about surgery to strengthen your gums or implants Procedures that cost a painful amount of money can put you at risk of infections and have no guarantee they will work whatsoever for example up to 10 percent of dental implants fail in the first three years while the incidence of biologic complications over a 10-year period can be as high as 69 If you're like most people i work with then you already know these so-called solutions are a never-ending subscription to the dentist chair that leave you in pain scared and disappointed which is why i want to be extremely clear that what i'm talking about here is unlike anything you've Ever seen or heard of before it's not based on alternative treatments or positive thinking it's based on real solid science it's a solution that will re-mineralize and feed your gums with oxygen backed by tens of clinical trials and supported by multiple international scientific studies from places like harvard university sao paulo state University or the university of otago new zealand or by reputed publications like the journal of the american dental association and scientific advances which is why it's very important that before you spend your money on any more professional products or solutions you pay close attention to what i am about To say because as a doctor for more than 30 years i've seen firsthand how debilitating and painful gum disease can be how it can drag you into a pit of despair and embarrassment and isolate you from your dear ones so i'm happy you've chosen to look at this video Because this will transform your teeth your smile and your life no matter how long you've been dealing with dental problems no matter how serious those problems are your age or medical condition i truly believe there is a simple solution to gum disease and tooth decay and it's so powerful that i am Convinced it will change your life forever just like it has for so many other americans just imagine no more inflamed bleeding gums or blood taste in your mouth no more throbbing pain and bad breath no more risking serious infections or stuffing yourself with expensive painkillers hoping the pulsating tooth Agony will let you breathe for just one second never having to cover your mouth or feel embarrassed never having to see your friends or colleagues take a step back when you talk to them and never having to see your spouse or kids turn their heads away when you want to kiss Or hug them instead you can become one of those people with a rock-solid confidence because your smile will finally look like a hollywood smile white clean and gleaming with health and never ever set foot in a dental office again once you see the groundbreaking science behind this inexpensive solution For yourself i'm sure that you'll be excited to give it a try because in the next five minutes i'll reveal why our ancestors despite never brushing their teeth or going to the dentist had better teeth than ours the number one hidden gum and teeth destroyer most people and Dentists actually consider to be the best thing ever invented for teeth the at-home morning test to rapidly check if this culprit is behind your oral health problems as well as to find out if it's also responsible for your clogged sinuses headaches brain fog or even extra pounds as recent medical tests Have found this destroyer present in 98 of overweight people moreover i will let you know the scientifically proven melting candy remedy that could erase years of damage done to your oral cavity as i said my name is dr drew sutton and i hope you won't mind if i take a second To explain who i am and why the discovery i am about to share makes such a big difference in the lives of thousands of people i am a board-certified otolaryngologist for over 30 years with extensive experience in head and neck surgery i graduated from the university of rochester and Completed my internship in general surgery i earned a few awards including the charles d kochakian award in endocrinology and nutrition and the title of chief resident by all means when people looked at me they saw a successful doctor with a bright future ahead of me a doctor that would make a Difference and this was surely what i was dreaming of to really make a difference only this dream came tumbling down when i realized that what i'd been taught in medical school only treated symptoms without ever getting to the root cause of a disorder people were just bodies their pains were just Indicators and they were forgotten the minute they went out their doctor's door all they were getting were pills and expensive surgeries their lives and overall health were overlooked no one ever wondered where their disorders really came from i mean if medicine is advancing as they say why are there more Sick people than ever my frustration grew by the day especially when i saw some of my colleagues blindly prescribing the same chemical medications for different people with different needs not thinking twice about it so i decided i couldn't continue like that anymore that's when my practice took a more holistic and natural Approach i worked obsessively to understand how plants herbs and organic ingredients work as solutions for my patient's actual problems since then i've been able to help thousands of people around the world and i can tell you at the end of the day i really felt proud about what i was doing But everything changed when i met samuel benman one of the most difficult cases i came across in my entire career he was 54 years old a husband a father and a grandfather of three his entire life he had been the life of every party always cracking jokes and shaking with laughter No one could ever be sad around him after his retirement his dream was to host these weekly big barbecue parties play with his grandchildren and even become a stand-up comedian he just loved having people around all of that came crashing when his health went unexplainably down the hill The reason he came to see me was that he had this tormenting allergy for years his sinuses were always clogged he couldn't breathe he couldn't sleep he barely found the strength to talk i was the ninth specialist he was visiting and i could see that there was not much hope Left in his eyes but upon a closer look his problems ran much deeper he had the worst form of gum disease i had ever seen in my life his breath was so bad i had to keep the windows of my cabinet open long before he was gone so bad that during dinner he Always stayed on a corner of the table because he didn't want his family to be repulsed by it his wife had been kissing only his forehead for the past two years because of his infected gums needless to say so much for his dream of being surrounded by people in time he forgot How to smile or laugh he was depressed and often had panic attacks and how could he not one of his teeth was loose and he feared he would lose it every time he chewed that's why he ate mostly purees and soft baby food his worst nightmare was that he would Choke on it while sleeping as he also suffered from teeth grinding if that happened could his wife even help him in time would an ambulance get to him fast enough his gums were so damaged that there was a low chance they could support implants or dentures he always Felt the metallic taste of blood in his mouth even though he had tried the most expensive dental treatments nothing seemed to work plus he felt like his brain wasn't what it used to be anymore he found it hard to remember simple things and suffered from insomnia headaches and brain fog he thought these Were caused by the severe nighttime teeth grinding that he could not curb but i doubted it every time he asked for a stronger pill from the doctors to manage his teeth pains and headaches they looked at him like he was a junkie his life was a living hell and the Thought that he had to go on like this every single day was unbearable alone always in agony the worst part most doctors didn't even take his pain seriously they saw him as a vain over complaining patient that didn't have any real problems i mean after all it was just gum disease It was not like he was dying of a heart attack but i could see his pain and it broke my heart seeing him like this i made a promise to myself that i would do absolutely everything in my power to help him i knew it wasn't going to be Easy this man was a walking puzzle i mean people like sam had already tried just about everything what else could i do to be completely honest i had no clue all i knew was that i was determined to not be the ninth doctor that left him desperate and disappointed the fact that None of sam's parents or grandparents ever suffered from gum disease was extremely intriguing because it meant it wasn't genetic but what was really dumbfounding was the fact that all his blood and allergy tests came clean how could that be every waking moment i kept thinking about this oddity until i noticed something The allergic reactions headaches and insomnia had appeared after his gums started bleeding this made me wonder were the dental problems actually the trigger of all his health issues i spent night after night been over every study or article that i could find over every news and every footnote I didn't seem to come across anything good but my intuition kept nudging me forward something had to come up and explain all of these seemingly unrelated symptoms he was experiencing even so after not finding anything helpful for four whole weeks i was almost on the verge of giving up but how Could i look sam or people like him in the eyes and tell them there was no hope for them i had to keep going and thank god i did because soon enough the solution came from the least expected place during one of our consultations sam wanted to show me something it was a Picture from a newspaper look doc they've dug up a pair of 2 500 year old teeth and they look way better than mine those bastards didn't even know what a toothbrush is after having a chuckle about it it suddenly hit me how come teeth can thrive for hundreds Of years outside of the mouth in mud and dirt while in the mouth they get ruined by plain chocolate a tooth is said to be tougher than a diamond and cannot be destroyed in fire but it gets stained by coffee i had a hunch i was on to something So i went back to the drawing board what i knew was this one our ancestors despite not brushing their teeth with toothpaste or going to the dentist had better teeth than ours two if you take a tooth out of the mouth it will last for centuries but in the mouth It can get ruined in a couple of years three most probably at one point modern people took a wrong turn when it came to dental care something that is making our teeth more frail than ever what was that wrong turn that's when i came across a little known study that flipped everything dennis Claim about gum disease one that also shed light on what exactly is eating at your gums and teeth as we speak listen you've probably been told that bad bacteria is to blame for all dental diseases and that you need to take antibiotics go through annoying scaling And disinfect as much as you can to keep your mouth clean but about two years ago upon a closer look scientists have realized that bad bacteria is not the real root cause of gum disease actually gum disease and other dental disorders happen not when there are too Many bad bacteria but when there are too few good bacteria you probably know about the gut flora or gut microbiome it refers to all the bacteria good and bad and other organisms that live inside the intestines imagine this like a constant war between the police and thugs the thugs the bad bacteria Are always looking to make a mess of everything while the good cops try to keep order in control but they can't do that if they are outnumbered so the more good bacteria strains you have the better your digestion it's the same with the mouth flora or mouth microbiome the moment this idea Got out it started a serious fight between scientists and dentists from all over the world this big fight is known as the germ theory versus the terrain theory the germ theory says that the bad germs are what we need to worry about and we need to keep finding ways to kill them off This of course involves repeated visits to the doctor pills and a pile of dental care products i think there's no need for me to mention this idea was supported by dentists on the other hand the terrain theory argues that if the mouth environment is well and balanced then germs that are a Natural part of life and the environment will be dealt with by the body without causing sickness and this terrain or environment is created by the good bacteria in fact the journal of the american dental association jada declared that in the case of periodontal disease there is not one specific bad bacteria That causes it instead it's all about how strong the community of good bacteria is when germs or viruses attack so even if you were to exterminate all these bad germs if there is no good bacteria to rebuild nourish your gums and teeth and keep them safe it's all in vain If you have these good bacteria in your mouth to begin with any microbe or germs wouldn't have stood a chance in the first place plus let me tell you this whoever promises you they will completely get you rid of bad bacteria or germs is lying maybe this can be done Temporarily but we are human beings we eat foods from the market we socialize we travel we cannot live in a completely sterile bubble for all our lives eventually these germs will come back again that is why evolution equipped us with good bacteria and that's why a healthy mouth should have very diverse And numerous good bacteria strains you should find them on the tongue the hard palate the teeth the area around the tooth surfaces above the gums and below the gums something that almost no doctor will tell you is that the oral bacteria affects not only your teeth and gums but Also your entire health actually every time you swallow you are seeding your gastrointestinal tract with bacteria fungi and viruses from your mouth 140 billion per day to be exact that's right every sip or bite affects how healthy you are what diseases you have and how those diseases will progress so can you Imagine how much of your gut bacteria actually comes from your mouth truth is your whole body mirrors what is happening in your mouth and your mouth mirrors what is happening in your body a gum issue is rarely if ever just a gum issue and it's only normal if you think About it the mouth is literally the front door of your body even the air you breathe passes through the back of your mouth before reaching your lungs imagine if your front door is open and dirty all of the dirt will end up eventually in your living room and it Will soon have all sorts of things growing in it so many diseases are linked to poor mouth flora from ibs to cardiovascular disorders and anxiety and depression moreover a 2009 study suggests obesity begins with the oral flora over 98 of the women with obesity studied shared similar microbiomes and It doesn't stop here while you swallow plenty of bacteria that end up in your gut part of them crawl down your throat causing respiratory infections and up your sinuses causing allergies sinusitis headaches and migraines your bloodstream is also a convenient form of transport each time you chew brush or floss bad Germs get pushed into small vessels in your gums as oral bacteria breaks into the bloodstream it can travel to organs throughout the body including the brain according to a new study published in the journal science advances bacteria normally present in the mouth can also release toxins that make their way into The brain once there they may contribute to memory disorders i know it sounds scary but there's one way to prevent all of that by diversifying and increasing the population of good bacteria in your mouth literally get more good cops in to keep everything in good working order in Fact alex mira a bacterial geneticist at the fazabio research institute in valencia spain says that as humans evolved they like many other mammals outsourced a good part of the body's processes to the good bacteria for example transporting crucial minerals from saliva to the teeth to aid in remineralization Carrying molecular oxygen to feed the gums and soft tissue and eliminating free radicals and other waste products from the foods we ingest in addition to these important functions the good oral bacteria play a vital role in protecting us from harmful environmental organisms chemicals and toxins they even regulate blood pressure Our body doesn't have the enzymes to do any of the things mentioned above we entirely rely on our mouth flora and without them our health would be out of control so i cannot state enough how crucial good bacteria strains are healing the mouth flora helps heal the Body and vice versa now the only question i needed to answer in order to uncover the real root cause of gum disease was what destroys the good oral bacteria and doesn't allow the strains to grow back after digging even deeper i found the shocking answer it's the very things That promise to save you from it dental products and procedures our teeth are constantly under the attack of the dental care chemicals for example let's take the most popular dental care product the toothpaste did you know a lot of toothpaste brands are detergent based that's right these toothpastes are Trying to remove grime off your teeth by the same aggressive procedures that bleach remove stains off your white t-shirt sure the stain is removed but also the fabric is weakened tens of studies have proved that a lot of big oral care brands contain hidden chemicals but they have been ignored or Worse buried by corporate lawyers willing to protect the profits do yourself a favor today check all the products you use and immediately throw away the ones that contain one or more of the following ingredients sodium lauryl sulfate sls sodium fluoride triclosan artificial sweeteners such as sodium saccharin aspartame xylitol and erythritol Artificial color dyes often made from coal tar propylene glycol diathenolamine dea microbeads tiny solid plastic particles the good bacteria is always trying to repopulate but using these oral care products is like pouring bleach in your garden and expecting to get nice plants growing there the bacteria just never Grows in a balanced way sometimes one bacteria strain might grow sometimes another sometimes a third but the problem is healing bacteria strains can't grow altogether at once for months in a row and support each other in creating a varied safe flora for your gums and teeth if that wasn't enough Some toothpastes use abrasives to be effective the abrasives used such as hydrated silica are too rough these ingredients can strip away the enamel creating sensitivity in gum recession don't rely on your mouthwash either especially if it contains alcohol in fact honest dentists don't even recommend mouthwash as part of a daily Dental routine because many brands have an active ingredient called chlorhexidine that wipes out beneficial microbes a 2020 study showed that healthy people who rinsed with chlorhexidine mouthwash experienced more acidity in the mouth and were more inclined to higher blood pressure considering all these the immune system Of your mouth the oral flora is almost non-existent the result you get cavities and flame gums bad breath and eventually lose your teeth so what can you do should you stop washing your teeth and never touch toothpaste again certainly not toothpaste has its undeniable benefits it helps remove part of the Plaque and its bacterial buildup on teeth if you use a natural toothpaste one that does not contain chemical ingredients the damage to the good bacteria is minimal but even if you choose the best non-invasive dental products starting today the bacteria strains are still incredibly weakened and need time to recover however there Are two factors that make it hard or even impossible for this to happen first one is stress stress causes a major decrease in salivary flow saliva is the lifeblood of the mouth stress together with the lack of good bacteria causes a shift in the ph to a more acidic environment that Corrodes the gums and promotes unhealthy grinding and clenching of teeth and jaw discomfort grinding or clenching puts an enormous amount of pressure on the teeth and can often cause a tooth to become loose especially when there's an underlying problem like infection or decay so while you sleep there's a risk Of losing one of your teeth the second culprit is salt your gums are like the skin they can peel become dry or loose get inflamed crack or change color too much salt will cause dehydration dryness bleeding and receding gums and today's processed foods are loaded with salt Before telling you the only method that can rebuild the mouth microbiome here's a quick tip to help you remineralize your gums and teeth at least temporarily chew sugar-free gum if you're still in doubt whether your oral microbiome is poor and you lack good bacteria all you Have to do is answer one of these questions first question have you ever woken up on different days with either a dry mouth or drooling on the pillow or a stuffy nose or a dry throat and the second question do you also have digestive issues like bloating or ibs or Are you also dealing with allergies and or headaches if you answered yes at least once this is proof that your oral flora is out of balance and your gums teeth and the rest of your body are constantly under attack with very little protection i mean just imagine toxic chemicals viciously corroding at your Teeth burning your gums while destroying every single strain of bacteria allowing germs and viruses to multiply by thousands every single second and crawl up your nose and down your throat causing inflammation irritation and pain affecting your brain and digestion leaving you prone to allergies i know This is a pretty intense picture but it is extremely important that you see and feel what exactly is happening at this very moment not only to your gums but also to your entire body because once you do the solution becomes clear as daylight i know that's a big thing to Say but i will prove to you this very moment how true it is what you need to do is repopulate your mouth with good bacteria and create a healthy environment for those thousands of diverse healing strains to grow the moment your teeth and gums won't be under constant chemical attack the Regrowing and rejuvenation process will start your gums will stop bleeding they will regain their pink color and firmly reattach to your teeth every tooth will be cleared of cavities and stains becoming whiter plus remember every time you swallow you are seeding your gastrointestinal tract with over 140 billion bacteria and fungi per day Sending good bacteria down the intestinal or respiratory tract will also improve your overall health you will breathe better clear your throat free your sinuses and free yourself from allergies and headaches you will get a restful sleep feel more relaxed and enjoy a better digestion in theory it Makes a lot of sense right but how exactly do we do that well the first thing one might think of is taking probiotics at least this is what you hear everyone recommend when there is a floor imbalance especially in the gut and i admit this was also what i thought In the beginning the only thing is not all probiotics are the same and not all probiotics are good for all diseases just like you cannot take the same pill for a toothache and bad digestion the probiotics that you usually find on the market are mostly designed for the gut But when it comes to the teeth you need completely different strains of bacteria now let's say you do not find probiotics for teeth unfortunately most of the time the strains in your supplements are already dead because of poor packaging and handling meaning you're ingesting dead bacteria that have no effect Whatsoever secondly in order to sell more probiotic brands add as many strains as possible inside the formula without making sure if they interact well with one another too many strains only confuses your body and if the bacteria strains are not compatible they create a new warzone inside your mouth Then studies show that 96 of the live probiotics are being killed by your saliva and stomach acid keep in mind that your saliva might be more acidic than normal because of the dental care chemicals last but not least you take a probiotic pill that goes directly to Your stomach and then what should you do hope that the four percent of the bacteria that were not destroyed by stomach juices should find a way to climb back again to your mouth for me at least prescribing to sam some random probiotics that might or might not be What his gums and teeth needed just wasn't an option but i knew i hadn't gone so far just to stop there i realized that the only way i'd know for sure there's an oral bacteria strain formulation that worked as powerfully as all the studies indicated was for me to Be the first one who creates it this formula had to reintroduce only the most potent strains of probiotics to rebalance the mouth microbiome and stop the erratic growth of viruses fungi and germs at once it also had to help the mouth produce more saliva which is like Giving flowers the water they need in turn this had to clear the damaging effects of dental care products and antibiotics and as i said once the microbiome of the mouth is restored teeth and gums have the perfect environment to start healing themselves so i gathered a team of medical Researchers and chemists that would help me find the exact bacteria strains that would do just that and after continuous months of testing they came up with a breakthrough five strains that had repeatedly proven their amazing ability to crush periodontists in tens of clinical trials and i am going to tell You immediately what those ingredients are how they work and how easy it is for you to get them today the first one is lactobacillus rotary or as we named it the firemen as it puts out inflammation and stops the damage done by toxins this amazing strain can produce antimicrobial Molecules that inhibit the reproduction of any bad bacteria by a whopping 86 according to the scientists from sao paulo state university this bacteria is so potent that it's considered a medical wonder even dead it can increase the healing time by 46 percent to date over 220 clinical studies with l rootery strains Have been performed in approximately 19 000 people of all ages positive results have been shown for oral health and several gastrointestinal disorders so many studies are almost unheard of in the scientific world next we decided to bring in lactobacillus pericasea a tough special agent it kick-starts the recovery process by clearing your mouth Of streptococcus mutants the main bacteria that causes tooth decay as well as mercilessly wiping out harmful toxins and stopping their spread what streptococcus mutans does is bind to your teeth and convert any sugar you eat into acid this acid combined with the chemicals from the dental care products Corrode your gums day and night it's not a pretty sight but l-pericacyi has the power to put an end to it almost immediately in fact due to its ability in preventing cavities and gingivitis and substantially reducing bad breath some researchers have even questioned if taking this probiotic can be more Effective than traditional methods such as tooth brushing and eating a low sugar diet hill pericasei also reduces allergy effects suppresses airway inflammation and at least five clinical studies have demonstrated significant improvements in allergic rhinitis after stopping the spread of harmful bacteria and toxins and deeply cleaning the entire oral Cavity we needed to start the rebuilding of teeth and gums by phytobacterium lactus is a strain that has been called the mary poppins of probiotics because it is incredibly nurturing it spreads up the absorption of various vitamins and minerals allowing nutrients to enter the cells for more strength and rejuvenation By phytobacterium lactase also significantly enhances gum pocket closure helping with the reattachment of gums and therefore strengthening loose teeth during medical experiments this super strain reduced periodontal inflammation and prevented tooth bone loss quite impressive right let's move to the most unique bacteria that we've discovered blis k-12 what makes it so Special is that it was developed by a group of scientists at the university of otago in new zealand specifically to help support and maintain the immune system health of the oral cavity ear and nose and throat studies have indicated its incredible efficiency right away barry richardson of blis technologies Said we have seen that blis k-12 probiotic is very effective at establishing itself inside the mouth and throat this is important because blis k-12 has evolved a number of defense mechanisms meaning this strain can fight term against any future toxins chemicals and germs you might come in contact with This is like getting a 24 7 bodyguard for your gums and teeth we were extremely excited when we managed to add to our formula another little known strain called blis m18 have you ever wondered how some people have naturally white teeth no matter what they drink or Eat well as it turns out they are born with these less common bacteria in their systems blis m18 blis m18 has the rare ability of preventing and even removing tooth staining while keeping plaque at bay imagine you have a troop of professional teeth cleaners always at your disposal wouldn't that be great the Fact that we found a way to make blis m18 accessible for anyone no matter their genetics was a huge step forward for us and after cleaning the teeth and gums of toxins bad bacteria stains and rebuilding everything in a nourishing protective environment there was one more thing we needed to take care of Make sure the balance of the mouth flora is never disrupted again that is why we added b lactus bl04 a strain specifically designed to support the balance of gut and mouth bacteria even during and after aggressive antibiotics treatments additionally these probiotics were fully supporting the respiratory tract the Immune system and during trials they showed a significant reduction in the body mass index of subjects as well as in the levels of bad cholesterol in total there were 3.8 billion bacteria ready to save sam from his life of disease however we couldn't go forward with our formula without adding inulin a Prebiotic that acts like a fuel feeding and empowering the bacteria strains increasing their number quickly in as little as three to four days we also couldn't leave out strawberries which contain the tooth whitening enzyme of malic acid which can do wonders for your smile without the harmful chemicals and High cost of formal dental work one ingredient that we also thought essential dicalcium phosphate a superior form of the mineral calcium your body can't tell the difference between dicalcium phosphate and real teeth which means it immediately uses it to create a layer that reduces tooth sensitivity ultimately we mix peppermint to cool off Inflammation and soothe tooth pain and spearmint for fresh breath after finally having all these strains plants and minerals together we realized one more thing putting them in a pill that would have gone directly to the stomach after barely touching the mouth would have compromised all their properties and all Our hard work you see good bacteria become activated and fully metabolically active only when they come in contact with the saliva this way they can start to colonize faster and overcome the rapid spread of chemicals and germs that's when we decided the gum healing recipe should come in the form of a Unique mineral probiotic candy that softly melts in your mouth as you can see this soft sugar-free candy is far from your average candy it is a dental candy specifically designed to trigger and dramatically increase the production of salivary glands fuel the saliva with multiplying probiotics and help all Ingredients reach every single corner of the mouth in record time letting one mineral probiotic candy melt in your mouth for a couple of minutes should be enough to have a great impact you can use it in the morning right after brushing this way the bacteria strains activate the second they reach the mouth Where conditions are moist and warm the longer you let it melt in your mouth before swallowing the more effective it will be of course you can also treat it as you would do with a candy and just suck on it until it's gone that still guarantees you maximum effects don't Worry even though it is sugar-free it still has a pleasant strawberry aroma we were extremely proud of our work but the hardest part was just beginning it took months of planning and negotiation and logistics to put it all together luckily i was able to lean on my background in Medicine all of my connections with some of the best manufacturers in the world so after several months of testing until dawn every possible interaction between the formula compounds and the saliva and after making sure we got the right quantities and the most effective combination of compounds what my team And i consider to be the most powerful gum and teeth restoring solution in the world finally saw the light of the day in one small but extremely promising batch that all sounds good but what are the actual results you might wonder of course the first person to try it was Sam all he had to do was to let one soft probiotic candy melt in his mouth every morning for a couple of minutes even with his bad teeth and gums he could do this easily after the first few days he didn't really feel much and we were all A bit discouraged not going to lie but soon enough when he woke up one morning sam could feel something had clearly changed he called us to say that for the first time in years he wasn't spitting blood anymore not even a pinkish shade on the toothpaste then one day after Another we would receive what we called miracle messages how part of his plaque had disappeared how his teeth looked whiter how stunned he was when he gently tried pushing and pulling on his loose tooth and discovered that they were cemented back and strong moreover he could feel his sinuses clearing up he Could breathe freely sleep like a baby and his brain fog was fading away the best news his breath didn't smell like rotten eggs anymore since each daily report exceeded even our wildest dreams it was clear to us that we couldn't keep this life-saving treatment all to Ourselves we had to make it available to as many people as possible we called our advanced soft probiotic candies pro-dentum the only 100 natural doctor formulated health solution that addresses the root cause of gum disease cavities and tooth decay the poor oral flora caused by dental products chemicals just let one tablet Melt in your mouth after brushing in the morning and let the science do the rest it contains five powerful strains totaling 3.8 million healing bacteria and five extra strong ingredients supported by multiple clinical studies every single soft sugar-free probiotic candy is manufactured in the usa in our fda approved and gmp certified facility Under sterile strict and precise standards we are regularly disinfecting the equipment used to process the ingredients and package our bottles prodentum is non-gmo and safe it does not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins and it's not habit-forming since its release pro-denim has provided relief for more than 150 000 people People like theo franklin 52 from quincy massachusetts who said my gums and teeth have never looked better it feels good not to spit blood anymore and not have to worry if i'll ever have the money to get my teeth fixed at the dentist i simply love it sj48 from nashville tennessee who told Us who would have thought all i have to do to get rid of all my dental problems is let candy melt in my mouth something else i've noticed is my nostrils no longer clogged during the night and i no longer grind my teeth just amazing anne marie 67 from buffalo New york who thinks dr drew's method is just the best it's easy to use zero pain and save me a lot of money at the dentist i am so happy i found it especially since i also got rid of my sinusitis so two birds with one stone now i'm guessing that you're probably Ready to try this state-of-the-art solution for yourself and you should be because pro-denim is the first scientifically-backed probiotic soft candies that allows you to stop gum bleeding and tooth decay ultra fast so with all that in mind let's talk about how you can get pro dentum today first What you need to know is that we absolutely refuse to cut any corners with pro denim you're always guaranteed a premium state-of-the-art product that is clinically tested and proven to work we've never spared any expense when it came to formulating it especially since there are only a couple of laboratories In the world that can work with probiotic strains with such precision and care that they keep the good guys alive and strong so they can do their job and protect your teeth the bottom line is quality like this doesn't come cheap however when you compare the price Of pro denim with tens of formulations containing outdated generic formulas that are barely of any help and given the lack of real solutions for gum and teeth disease we could easily offer this at a very high price and considering the results our customers have seen without having to go through any painful dental Work most of them said they would pay it without even blinking think about it how much would you be willing to invest to keep your gums and teeth strong and pain-free every single day no more bleeding no more foul breath no more cavities and best of all never having to Climb that sickening dentist chair what would you be willing to spend if you were absolutely positively sure this formula would do wonders for you three hundred dollars five hundred dollars seven hundred dollars but you know what far from me to put a price on your health or on the peace of mind that Being free from gum disease brings that's why my team and i thought that in order to make it affordable for most people but also cover the ingredients costs and at least part of the research time that my team and i have invested the retail value of the product should Be at 175 dollars honestly this is a steal considering what these probiotics soft candies can do however our goal with pro denim has always been to put it into the hands of as many people in need as possible that's why we decided to cut the middleman and instead of selling it In stores make it available only on our website and pass the savings to you this means you don't need to invest 170 dollars to transform your gums and teeth nor 150 nor 120 all we want is to cover the cost of the ingredients and keep this site running For as long as possible even though i'll have to charge 99 for one bottle of pro denim soon considering the ingredients prices are rising due to the fact that the supply chains are very fragile nowadays and even though 99 one bottle is surely a lot less than a Visit to the dentist today only on this website and nowhere else you can get your very own 30-day supply of pro-denim for a one-time 100 risk-free investment of 69 that's right just 69 and because i am so grateful you've made it this far into the presentation which means you're serious about your health If you order a three or six months package we'll give you an even bigger discount in additional bonuses here's why while many of our users experiment with noticeable changes in as little as a couple of weeks the real magic happens when you take it for 60 days or more We've seen the effects of pro denim on a lot of patients that's why i would recommend you use one soft mineral probiotic candy per day for at least 60 days just to make 100 sure there's not a single trace of chemicals or bad bacteria left in your gum pockets mouth Or body it's important that you don't forget to take one tablet every single day otherwise it might lead to the immediate death of all the good guys that have built up that means you could lose all the progress you've made up until that point the army needs to be Strong in order to take over the bad bacteria that has made your mouth their home honestly i cannot estimate exactly how many chemicals have accumulated at this point nor how many toxins are blocked inside the gum pockets eating at your teeth this depends on many factors Like on the strength of your mouth flora or immune system or on what dental products you've used by now but especially if you're over 35 years old or your gums are bleeding on a constant basis i recommend you take pro denim for at least three to six months the healing Bacteria strains and ingredients of prodenum build up in your oral cavity and body clearing everything of chemicals and germs continuously nurturing and rebuilding your gums and teeth this means the longer you take pro denim the better you feel the less chemicals and bad bacteria there are to Clear and the more your mouth flora will develop your progress improves exponentially every single day and it would be a shame to be so close to never having to deal with tooth decay or gum bleeding ever again just to notice you're out of pro denim and risk compromising or slowing down your entire Progress while having to wait months even for a new batch of these rare probiotic candies to be available again and when they finally are if we manage to get all the ingredients again that is you might realize that their price is twice as high well today you can get our Three and six month package at an incredibly steep discount it even comes with free shipping you won't spend a dime to get your delivery but that's not all if you're smart and order the three or six months supply you'll also get two bonus online guides worth a hundred and Nine dollars an absolutely free bonus number one bad breath gone one day detox kickstart your pro denim journey and get rid of bad breath naturally with seven unexpected spice and herb mixes from your kitchen that can do wonders in one day plus discover four household ingredients that clear out canker sores Overnight one odd tip that turns plain water into the most efficient mouth spray the one so-called healthy and fresh vegetable that makes your breath three times worse a spice to add to your morning coffee to smell fresh all day long no matter what you eat and a whole Lot more the next bonus hollywood white teeth at home in this guide i will reveal a simple 10 second method you can do right now to brighten your teeth right away one little known brushing trick that's very popular among celebrities one strange ritual that will make you forget about teeth sensitivity For good all that and more i can't wait for you to read it i want you to be completely satisfied so once you'll invest in three or six bottles of pro denim will also give you the two bonus online guides worth 109 absolutely free you will gain access to Them immediately once you place your order that's how confident we are that you'll love what pro denim has in store for you now maybe you have a large family or maybe you've been dealing with gum disease for some time or maybe you just like to be prepared that's why more And more of our customers are choosing to invest in the larger pack of six bottles which saves them no less than 120 dollars and gives them two free bonuses worth a hundred and nine dollars and you should also know that our special bottling keeps pro denim fresh For at least two years on your shelf due to the extremely limited supply and high demand most of our clients are choosing the three pack and six pack packages i can't guarantee this offer will be available if you choose to leave this page and come back later so don't Hesitate to stock up today for maximum savings please know that you won't find us anywhere else we do not sell on amazon or any other website the only place where you can order this gum healing and teeth protecting formula is right on this page and the page will Only be up for as long as we have remaining stock if you're skeptical we totally understand you've tried a lot of methods you've spent a lot of money went through so much pain and nothing worked i am so confident that pro denim works that i'm going to give you our ironclad 60-day Money-back guarantee if you don't experience any dramatic improvement or you're not content for any reason whatsoever we will promptly issue a full hassle-free refund no questions asked all you need to do is contact us within the first 60 days from your purchase you can even send back the empty bottles and Will still refund your money just get in touch with our friendly customer support staff and they'll be happy to assist you the contact information is right on the bottle this means you have two whole months to decide if pro denim is for you or not your order today is a one-time Payment with no subscription or hidden charges just choose the package you want below once you click on your chosen package you'll be taken to a secure checkout page just fill in your payment details using a credit card debit card or paypal after that we'll quickly send You your order in a discrete package for maximum privacy again this offer is in extremely high demand so the one thing i suggest you not do is delay you see it can take us from six to nine months to produce a new batch as we're willing to accept only the purest ingredients Otherwise its efficiency would be compromised and sure enough searching and sourcing for the most potent ingredients around the world delays things considerably next we ask a third party lab to test the quality of each ingredient to ensure you get the highest quality so that the bacteria strains are Alive and kicking and actually do their best work finally they're released to our contract manufacturer here in the usa for bottling we don't receive the batch in our warehouse until the formula passes all tests as you can see that's a lot of steps that involve a lot of People however with everything going on in the world right now our distribution faces a lot of challenges and with rising demand pro denim will soon be out of stock therefore if you decide not to try today i can't promise it will be available later think about it right as You're watching this video thousands of people across the country are rediscovering what it's like to have strong healthy gums and teeth happy to enjoy their life pain-free again and without feeling embarrassed when they open their mouth so no wonder they keep asking us for more bottles for them and For their dear ones that's why while pro denim is still available i urge you not to wait if you're still on the fence and when you click the button below don't forget the multi-bottle packages this way you'll make sure you have the rare pro denim probiotic candies on hand for The next several months and not risk running out just when you enjoy its amazing results the most remember pro denim has to do everything i said it would do and even more or i insist you send back the bottles even if they're all empty for a prompt and friendly Refund as you're protected by our 60-day full money-back guarantee i want to offer you a sincere thank you for watching my presentation and congratulate you for taking what i think is a gigantic step towards a life without suffering if you're still thinking about it i just want to ask you To take a second and imagine what awaits you if you don't choose pro denim today you might decide to spend more time and money looking for various options this might take weeks or even months in the meantime the health of your gums might get worse and worse until the point Where they are too damaged and weak to even hold implants or maybe you believe the problem will go away by itself sadly i've never seen such a case quite the opposite the more you let your gum disease untreated the faster it dissolves the bones and tissues rotting your teeth and embarrassing you Everywhere you go but it doesn't have to be like this or you can risk nothing at all today grab pro denim right now and get the peace of mind you deserve so just click below to make your choice enter your payment details on our secure order form and place the order now we'll Immediately ship your bottles directly to your home every order comes with free shipping no matter where you live while the three and six bottle packages also come with two free bonuses i can't wait for you to experience every single benefit that prodentum has to offer still here great i wanted to take a Second and answer the most common questions i get about pro denim i just want to make sure you feel 100 comfortable with your decision to order today one how and why does prodenum work we've always been told that bad bacteria are to blame for all dental diseases but Upon a closer look scientists have realized that the real root cause of gum disease is the lack of good bacteria the population of good bacteria is destroyed by common dental products that contain toxic ingredients this explains why teeth can thrive for thousands of years outside of the mouth while in our mouth They get ruined by plain chocolate in order to rebuild your teeth and gums you need to repopulate your mouth with good bacteria and provide a healthy environment for the strains to grow in pro denim is a doctor formulated mix that gathers five scientifically proven extra strong strains combining a total Of 3.5 billion good bacteria into one revolutionary probiotic soft candy that targets the root cause of tooth and gum decay moreover keep in mind that every time you swallow you are seeding your gastrointestinal tract with bacteria fungi and viruses from your mouth 140 billion per day to be exact sending good Bacteria down the intestinal or respiratory tract can also improve your overall health you might breathe better clear your throat free your sinuses and even free yourself from allergies and headaches you might get a restful sleep feel more relaxed and enjoy a better digestion pro denim has been proven by The experience of over 150 000 satisfied customers like anna morris 61 from seattle washington who said i am so grateful this product exists my life is so much easier i can finally smile again or bob d 57 from modesto california who wrote to us i'm a widower and thanks to Your formula i can finally start dating again no bad breath or infections good job doc of course the only definitive way to know for sure how well it can work for you is to try it today using the special no risk offer that you can Find only on this page two are there any side effects pro denim pro has been designed for all ages and medical conditions all of the ingredients inside of prodenum have been proven to be safe in clinical trials and are constantly tested for purity and to ensure against toxins and contaminants moreover pro Denim is manufactured in an fda-approved facility under sterile strict and precise standards with more than 150 000 customers we haven't seen any notable side effects so we're confident in saying that pro dentum is one of the purest dental formulas you'll find on the market as always if you currently Have a medical condition or you're taking other prescription medication we advise you to show a bottle of pro-denim to your doctor before you take it just to put your mind at ease three when and how should i take pro denim we recommend you let one soft Tablet meld in your mouth for a powerful deep toxin cleanse that clears your entire body gums and teeth you can also treat it as a candy and just suck on it this still guarantees you maximum effects four what if it doesn't work for me can you tell me about the guarantee Again the more results we see the stronger we believe pro denim has the power to completely transform your gums and teeth it's true though that nothing works for 100 of the people who try it is each body works in its own way that's why every bottle of pro denim comes with An iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you aren't fully satisfied with the results you can just return what you haven't used for a full no questions asked refund five how can i get started it's very easy just click the button below now to go to our secure Order checkout page enter in your information and we'll immediately get to work shipping pro denim right to your doorstep so all you have to do today is click below fill in your payment details on the secure order form and submit your order i can't wait to hear your success story

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