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I promise you that this is a real video this is not a fake review or anything like that there are lots of pro dentum videos on youtube that are just garbage affiliate marketer videos they don't even hold up the bottle i don't even know if they actually took the product i Don't understand what's going on they're just a minefield of those videos you probably saw a bunch of those maybe before you found my video so here's the thing i made two videos before about this product prodentum there are youtube ads that lead to a prodentum website and In those youtube ads it claims that prodentum can help regrow your teeth and i yeah i i know i understand so here's the thing about that i linked in my previous two videos that webmd has an article and there are plenty of other credible articles that say that human Beings cannot currently regrow their teeth this is not a possibility in reality that's what webmd says i'll link it down below and let's take another look like i did in a previous video to these reviews they call them reviews i you know i'm not really sure about that That appear on youtube let's go straight to my screen here there's three ads here at the top one says prodentum official website and it goes to which is not the official website prodentum official website 90 off today plus free shipping and then down here in the small text buy one sixty nine Dollars a bottle is that with ninety percent like i don't how does that help anybody to see that going down a little bit one thing to notice here notice the number of times that the word prodentum appears in the video title and they're doing this for search engine optimization reasons they're hoping that That helps their video show up at the top of search results for pro dentum proteins of scam whatever it may be and that's what you see here productum proteins and reviews 2022 the truth produntum supplement really works question mark prodentum review it looks like some sort of stock footage here in This in this video so i watched a bunch of these videos just once around the top i watched a bunch of these videos and i don't know if i ever saw anyone hold up a bottle of the product which to me if you took a product you're going to Display it if you want to show people about a product whether it's something that you take orally like this or anything else you probably want to show it to them right so do these people actually have the product in their possession or are they just trying to receive affiliate marketing dollars Based upon their videos i think that the latter is correct notice here in the thumbnails just like i mentioned in the past there's a blue arrow and looks like they did really crappy photoshop work around this girl's head there's a blue arrow pointing at the bottles and then There's this yellow triangle with a black exclamation point which kind of like it's like oh is there a warning is this a scam they're trying to make you think that they're going to reveal something negative none of these videos reveal anything negative about the product they're getting you to click It's click bait they want you to think that they have some sort of inside information or that they found something wrong with it maybe you're thinking about ordering the product this is just click bait to get you to go to their video and they want you to click like Their affiliate marketing link notice the second video here also has a very similar arrow it's a different color and it has the same little yellow triangle with the black exclamation point so and that comes from a different channel i've noticed this it's like there's a a template psd that all these people are Using and they're creating thumbnails for their videos based upon the same like little icons and they're like rotating the triangle or creating different colored arrows and they they got bottles in there that they'll throw in with the strawberries it looks like th this to me seems like a coordinated Effort by affiliate marketers or something like that and to me it doesn't feel authentic scrolling down there's a stock photo of a female doctor here is protein and worth the money and there's that yellow arrow pointing at one of the bottles protein in review is protein them worth the money prodentum scammer Legit question mark this one here don't buy without watching this first so see it says don't buy in big letters with the red background because they want you to believe that they're going to reveal something potentially bad about the product but of course they're not going to it's an affiliate marketing thing and As you can see here it goes to severino hits that's the name of the channel there scrolling down a little bit here this one says customer review and i've seen this person before and it has the protentum bottles with the strawberries so it's from the same template for the Psd prodentum do not buy before this video production review protection reviews prodent and probiotic the word prodentum appears four times in the video title and here's this person i've also seen before prodentum the truth and it has a little arrow and it has one little triangles with an exclamation Point severino hits seeing this person and this person before too these two top people i've seen this person down here too and this person i think this person might be the same as one of the other people you just saw customer review the truth and there's an arrow with the Strawberries and there's another arrow here protecting review beware before bye they're trying to scare you but there's nothing negative in the video if you watch it and down here customer feedback and there's a little triangle the yellow triangle with the exclamation point and by the way i'm filtering to only the Last seven days this is not like i'm looking at like a year's worth of videos this is just from the last week growing down more all truth about prodentum arrow triangle exclamation point protentum prodentum user review the truth about prodentum like they're gonna reveal like some huge big thing Prodentum review prodentum reviews five times in the video title they use the word prodentum that looks like it goes to an affiliate marketer link too next one be careful with the red background like it's bad and then you got the little yellow triangle with an exclamation point a red arrow doesn't Reveal anything bad but look in the video title warning they don't reveal anything bad it's all bs down here customer watch review prodentum does it really work product and review production reviews product and probiotic it's it's kind of hilarious going down more watch this before you buy arrow triangle exclamation point this one Customer watch review i told the unexpected truth customer watch review nobody tells youte that looks like somebody made a little spelling error there huh what they don't say customer feedback review this is the same person as this prodentum the truth arrow exclamation point triangle know the truth see this alert arrow honest review Prodentum work and i don't know if you can tell here look look at the guy here above my my mouse cursor you can see the word canva for like and they didn't take out the grid and the little watermark it's hilarious i'm gonna keep going for fun be careful really work arrow Triangle exclamation point customer feedback oh look it's the same woman except she's wearing sunglasses exclamation point triangle the truth arrow exclamation point i mean this is this is really really weird this is like a chord is obviously a coordinated effort as you can tell by the thumbnails But i don't know if they realize how obvious it is alert see this arrow it looks like a stock photo of a woman going like this man this lady looks angry customer review prodentum customer question mark please watch exclamation point protein term review protein tum reviews proteins and probiotics protein Review beware before buy i feel like i saw that one on a different channel know the truth see this alert beware beware alert honest review what no one tells you and again these are from the last seven days only the last seven days protentum i lost my Money now we've seen this woman before haven't we she looks very familiar like every other video there's like several videos with the same person across different channels prodentum important alert arrow the truth see this alert beware arrow arrow i forgot the arrow in the top one there important alert review And we've seen this one before the same people over and over alert arrow exclamation point with the triangle and look it's the same woman again the truth arrow same woman again nobody tells you this arrow exclamation point with the triangle watch this before you buy arrow exclamation point with a triangle Customer watch review customer watch review prodentum all the truth the whole truth i revealed the truth don't lose money like it says don't lose money but it just goes to a video where you hear a voiceover of someone claiming to be named sarah and it has an affiliate Marketing link in the description and it doesn't really seem like a legitimate review here's sunglasses woman again customer feedback exclamation point with a triangle be careful with two l's so be really careful be careful arrow customer review the whole truth prodentum the whole truth real customer like give me a Break this is just these reviews are just clogging up google and these reviews some of them have tens of thousands of views and they're only a few days old so like it's it's really crazy because i again i watched a lot of these and it's just someone talking for I don't know two to five minutes maybe and i never see them pull the bottle out and say here's what i've been taking here's what they look like anything like that it's like they're just making the video without taking the product in order to try to get some affiliate Marketing dollars so personally i stay away from any kind of product that has tons of scams surrounding it like prodentum and like i said the youtube ads for this product that have millions of views meaning that someone paid quite a bit of money to advertise on youtube Said that prodentum can help you regrow your teeth and like i said webmd and other credible websites said that it's currently not a possibility for human beings to regrow their teeth not a possibility in reality so because of these reviews and ads like that i personally am staying far away from Anything having to do with any of this and i know based on comments from other people they've seen the so-called reviews on youtube and even the youtube ads and that they also might be staying away from anything related to any of this i hope it was somewhat relieving to Find my video amongst all these other garbage you know affiliate marketing reviews and that you actually got to watch something that felt real like the things that i said i hope that that was helpful if you have any questions or want to have discussions my comments are Open down below if you found something else like these affiliate marketer reviews online and you want to share your story about that or anything involving prodentum feel free to do that below as well in the comments feel free to subscribe if you like this video it might appear above some of these weird Affiliate marketers scammy feeling reviews which might be a good thing google and youtube might see my videos being more credible if it receives more likes so feel free to click thumbs up stay safe out there avoid scams if you want more advice on a product that you Saw online i highly recommend talking to your doctor or your dentist your doctor your dentist are both trained professionals educated that they will be able to guide you through whatever questions you have for them thank you so much for watching the video all the way To this point at the very end and i hope you'll check out my other videos as well

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