‘ProDentim Scam or Legit’ and ‘Reviews’ Are Popular Searches, Maybe Because of This YouTube Ad

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Video Transcript:
Today i'm going to talk a little bit about a youtube ad that appears to be for a product called prodentum and this youtube ad might come from an affiliate marketer my video is mainly about the ad and not the product itself some of you May have seen the ad and it led you to my video off the top as always i suggest contacting your doctor or in this case your dentist for guidance on how to manage your health and well-being this video will quickly talk about the short ad and the longer video that results From that ad the ad begins by saying did you know there is a natural way to regrow teeth and gums that only three percent of the population even knows about and i looked to webmd about this an article from april 2022 on webmd says unlike many other types of human tissue Dental enamel the outer layer of teeth doesn't regrow once it's damaged dentists have to repair cavities and damaged enamel with synthetic materials like ceramics metals and resins that article from webmd also says that there's hope that something in the future can be developed that can help regrow teeth but again it's talking About hope and it's talking about something happening in the future and i added a link down below to that webmd article if you're interested in reading more the youtube ad that appears to be about prodentum leads to a website that leads to a longer video that lasts about 54 minutes so there's a short ad maybe from an affiliate marketer which leads to a website with a longer 54 minute video the one upload that i found of the short youtube ad has been viewed nearly 3 million times since september 2021 and it's unlisted so likely the vast Majority of those views have come from paid advertising and that short ad on youtube continued with the following scientists at the national institute of dental research have invented a powerful sour liquid that can regrow teeth and gums almost overnight so the shorter ad mentions a national institute of dental Research i went to the longer video the 54 minute video that resulted from that short ad and i didn't find any mention of a national institute of dental research and from what i could tell a national institute of dental research didn't appear on the pro dentum website Either and so the short youtube ad going back to that which again may have come from an affiliate marketer also said this this method is 10 times more effective than any existing solution and means you'll never have to step foot into a dentist office ever again as this Method can easily be done from home the crazy part is that it only takes a few seconds to do and starts restoring years worth of damaged receding gums and decaying teeth in just a matter of days the billion dollar dental industry doesn't want you to see this video and Discover the fastest most powerful gum and teeth rejuvenating secret on the planet and again i urge you to talk to your doctor or dentist for guidance on how best to manage your health and well-being and in fact i'm paraphrasing but the bottom of the prodentum website also says that they recommend you let Your doctor know about what's happening with your health and the website mentions that they recommend you conduct your own research and find confirmation from various other sources and to look through the data in a careful manner with your healthcare provider before using the product and that's good advice So like i said my video's purpose was mainly to talk about the short ad which may have come from an affiliate marketer and the longer 54 minute video i also read through some data from webmd and that link again is down below if you see This youtube ad out in the wild let me know down in the comments below thank you for watching and i hope you can check out my other videos

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