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Thank you I've been taking prostody in about a week and so far a definite improvement with less bathroom trip at night and during the day last night was the first time I haven't gotten up at all in quite a while I'm really impressed probably save some money on water bills To not flush in the toilet so often a fringe benefit I have had prostate issues for a few years and have regularly had difficulty urinating weak stream failure to fully void prescribed medicines have helped but the side effects were intolerable so tried these pills and am so happy I did They have worked more effectively than my prescribed meds and I am simply amazed I'm so happy I tried prostodin I've had urinary issues for a few years to the point I went to a urologist and they put me on more prescription drugs that just didn't seem to give me any relief so After some investigation I thought I would try prostodyne and to my delight I am definitely getting some relief I've been using it as a supplement with my prescription medication and after sharing this information with my doctor I'm hoping to be able to actually drop the prescription medication disclaimer I Do not suggest anybody stops taking their prescription medications without talking to their doctor first but I am hoping to get off the prescription meds if I can find proper supplements that I feel will be much better for my body I give prostodine five stars and a big Thank you for making my quality of life a little better

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