Prostadine Scam Review: A Complete Breakdown

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Let's go straight to my screen here this video is all about how there are scams surrounding a product called prostodine a purported prostate support product you know pills or supplements or whatever it is and back in March of 2023 I saved the link to this YouTube video which is now Unavailable it says this video is private and I also save the links where the ad this was a YouTube ad where the ad led to now the video is unavailable here but I downloaded the video back in March to my computer and now here is that video I'm going to hit play I'm Going to pause a few times just to to add some commentary what happens when the prostate enlarges and the urine channel gets tight so you have an enlarged prostate do this five second Japanese morning ritual to shrink it almost immediately scammers often create BS where they say there's a five second Method or an ice hack or an ice trick or a Himalayan ice hack or or this seven second method or just do this quick juice method or whatever it's the same script it's just words change the number of seconds change the culture apparently changes it claims that this is not a Himalayan thing like like alpalene was this is apparently a Japanese thing according to this we've been suffering from Nighttime peeing incomplete emptying of the bladder or a weak urine flow for more than three months then you need to hear this it means that your prostate is so swollen that if left untreated this Could lead to an unexpected and total shutdown of your urethra which will make passing urine completely impossible Harvard scientists have recently discovered a way to have a fully functional prostate until well over your 90s their studies show that a swollen prostate is a completely reversible condition It has nothing to do with genetics or age but with a dangerous buildup of a powerful growth substance produced by your body which feeds the prostate tissue to grow 24 7 causing dangerous inflammation progressing into benign prostatic hyperplasia and other risky symptoms in December 2022 these same scientists On earth a strange Korean ingredient okay so going back to the Harvard thing they mentioned often scammers or affiliate marketers or whoever they are they are scammers often they they create these these ideas that Harvard or maybe Stanford maybe Yale these prestigious universities had had they they had Something to do with you know this product or your prostate or whatever they can't put you know the scientists at these universities or schools camp with some Miracle Method or whatever they're using these school names without permission without authorization Harvard did not do what they said and here it Says in December 2022 these same scientists are talking about people at Harvard apparently Unearthed a strange Korean ingredient if you search Google for Harvard December 2022 Korean ingredient you're not going to find anything you want to lie because it's BS that when paired with warm water before bed quickly dissolves this toxic Substance clearing up the prostate and restoring normal function over 275 000 regular men have naturally shranked their prostate and reclaimed their vibrant Health confidence and manhood by following this newly discovered prostate shrinking ritual and their prostate shrinking ritual are keywords that are likely used with this scam by the affiliate marketer the Scammers or whatever kind of like the the five second hack or five second trick or whatever it said earlier tap the watch now button to see a free exclusive video where we reveal how you can permanently reclaim the prostate of a 20 year old okay so now we're starting The way too good to be true promises the scam promises the red flags you're going to have a prostate like a 20 year old yeah right give me a break we're going to see more of these BS promises in the next few seconds and then the video ends It requires no drugs or costly dangerous procedures and you can do it safely from the comfort of your home starting today and the best part sleep like a baby pee like a teenager and have sex like a man within a few short weeks from today there is no doubt the 390 billion Dollars prostate care industry does not want you to see this video and discover this extraordinary prostate health solution often scammers and affiliate marketers BS people who are watching these videos and and looking at their websites or whatever saying big Pharma doesn't want you to see this or you know big Tech This or whatever that can often be the sign of a scam and some of you might be saying well maybe big Pharma is no no in this case there are too many red flags okay big Pharma might have something to do with something else but in this case It's BS so tap the watch now button below before it's too late okay so this is a YouTube ad like I said it normally would have a button below that would go to the next step of the the funnel or whatever it is of the scam or affiliate marketer whatever and so Here's where that ad went to five second morning ritual shrinks your prostate in just a few weeks a new revolutionary five second morning prostate shrinking ritual all in in bold there you can do it home fights the root cause and so notice here that there is no Mention of Harvard you think that on this website there would be a mention of Harvard or something like that because that would be a really big selling point right so it looks like the Harvard thing was made up by an affiliate marketer a scammer whatever you want to call them In the YouTube video and so here on my screen is the video it's 55 minute 59 second long video we're not going to watch all that don't worry video that comes from the website we just looked at so there's a YouTube ad that led to the Website we just saw that leads to this video here and it says natural prostate support I think it's like an unlisted video and I noticed this at the beginning watch hello my name is Jeremy Moore I am 62 years old and I live in a small City close to Stanford California together With my wife Annie for over 35 years I've been in anatomy and cell biology professor at a world-renowned medical research University every single day teaching and hopefully inspiring the future doctors of our country has been incredibly rewarding for me okay so he said his name is Jeremy Moore he said on The actual video it said Stanford comma California he said in a town near Stanford California or whatever for over 35 years I've been in anatomy and cell biology professor at a world-renowned medical research University so what does that mean an anatomy and cell biology professor and he doesn't name the University he said for 35 years and so I'm not saying he's not who he says he is but I am saying that if you search Google for Jeremy Moore Stanford comma California which by the way you know earlier I mentioned that the scammers often like to talk about you know Harvard had something to do with this product that we're pushing or Stanford which is right here or Yale or whatever Stanford happens to be mentioned here which is you know big coincidence but I'm not saying this guy is not who he says he is however look on Google for Jeremy Moore anatomy and cell biology Professor he's been this for 35 years he says but there's no trace of this guy you you look at Google images you can find images of him if you search for Jeremy Moore I don't know if this guy was like hired from Fiverr to do this as Like a fake spokesperson or what it was but you know I'm a little suspicious as you might be too now I had watched the whole video I also did not take this procedine product because whenever I see red flags scams surrounding a product whether it's coming from affiliate Marketers or whatever I don't get out my credit card and decide to pay for it because there are red flags and scams surrounding the product personally I do not want to spend my money on something like that and so again this video is to educate people about scams it's not to Give a review for this product or anything like that I'm just saying that there are things out there in paid YouTube ads and other websites and and other videos that look a little suspicious that's all I'm saying I'm a full-time reporter by day this is my personal YouTube channel I try to cover As many scams as I can at my my full-time job but sometimes on nights and weekends I try to educate people about different potential scams that are going around so that they can not only learn about specific scams that they may have seen but also they can learn a Little bit you know about how to detect these scams how to how to fight them how to look for red flags that's the point of these videos I put these videos on my helping people playlist for a reason hit the like button down below the thumbs up Button that will tell Google and YouTube my video has value also off to the right of the thumbs up thumbs down and share buttons is a thanks button if you want to tap things it's sometimes a heart-shaped symbol with the dollar sign that'd be great I rarely get anyone to Click things but when it does happen it's pretty cool if you have any experience with these scams this product whatever it may be please comment down below don't be shy I I do read my comments I can't always reply to everybody but any information you found that might be beneficial to people Looking up this scam this product whatever please include it in the comments down below feel free subscribe to my channel and thank you so much for watching Foreign

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