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Hello blossoms and welcome back to my channel evolved essence if you are new here make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell so you're notified every single time i make a video today i am bringing you all a review on goalie gummies these are everywhere they're on instagram they're On facebook you see these ads everywhere for these apple cider vinegar gummies and if you want to know how i like this product just keep on watching okay so i've had these gummies for a while and i wanted to use them for at least two months Before i did a review and i looked at some other videos on youtube and i was like why do i not have the same experience you know what i'm saying like i'm gonna keep it 100 with y'all like i don't have a reason to lie and like i said this is my experience Let me just go ahead and say the disclaimer i am not a nutritionist i am not a doctor i'm not certified to give any health advice now with that said these gummies are supposed to give you all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the nasty taste If you all have ever tasted apple cider vinegar straight mixed it doesn't matter it's nasty okay the first time i had it i was like a teenager and my daddy dared me to take a shot of apple cider vinegar and i literally gagged and spit it out in the sink so It's nasty now i can take a shot if i need to but it's not something that i look forward to so that's why i got these because i was like oh wow you know apple cider vinegar in a gummy it's probably delicious and apple cider vinegar is really really good for you too So we're going to go over the benefits of apple cider vinegar so it came with this little card and it has all of the benefits of the gummies and then the benefits of just taking apple cider vinegar so it's the appetite control and weight loss it lowers blood sugar levels it improves your Immune system it contains highly nutritious acetic acid and that's the gummies that you're gonna get with the apple cider vinegar and with the gummy okay so then they separate it and they give you the benefits that the gummy has that the apple cider vinegar doesn't so that is that it's infused with Superfoods pomegranate and beet root it's enriched with vitamins b9 and b12 it's safe for your tooth enamel because if you're taking just a shot of apple cider vinegar it's bad for your teeth because it's very acidic so when you're taking the gummies you don't have to worry about that You can still take apple cider vinegar and it not hurts your teeth you just need to dilute it and then drink it through a straw you don't need to be taking it straight or just drinking it out of a cup um good taste yummy smell and easy to take These are convenient you can just put these on your nightstand take two you're done it tastes good you don't even think about it okay so let's get into the first thing shipping i it took like three weeks for me to get my first bottle of gummies You can take up to six a day so i was i'm like i need the full benefits so i'm gonna take six a day so this bottle did not last me very long because it's 60 of them in here so when i ran out i was like okay um I'm gonna go ahead and just order some more they had a discount like a sale going on where it was 30 off and you got free shipping too so i just got a three pack it was 30 off free shipping and they claimed on the website that They had fixed their shipping issues so the second um order that i made the shipping was quick i had it within five five six days so they did fix their shipping issue i can give them that okay now i'm taking apple cider vinegar on its own And it did curb my appetite it helped with my sugar cravings you know if you have issues with your bowels and you don't go on a regular it will help move things through if you have heartburn it helps with heartburn you wouldn't think because it's acidic but it does help with heartburn if You're laying up in the middle of the night and you need something take a shot of apple cider vinegar and you're gonna be good to go it can help clear your skin honestly there's a lot of things that it can do but you have to do your part too Okay you still have to drink your water you should still be exercising you should still be eating your fruits and vegetables okay this gummy is not gonna like do all the work for you okay you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle i saw more benefits just taking regular apple cider vinegar I think that these gummies are for people that cannot take cannot take the taste of apple cider vinegar now it's hard for me to say that these gummies um you know really help curb my appetite because now since taking these i do take um it's like a concoction Tea mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey and lemon and that's how i take my apple cider vinegar and that has helped tremendously with my cravings and um suppressing my appetite these really didn't do that for me now it says that two two of these is like Taking one shot of apple cider vinegar so i was taking these before i eat you can take up to six a day some days i would take four some days i would take six and i'm still taking them because i bought three more bottles so i'm gonna Continue to take them you know i already spent my money maybe as time goes on i will see the benefits i'm sure i am getting benefits to me it's just not as beneficial as me just taking the apple cider vinegar straight in the tea that i'm taking it in now they are gluten-free Vegan organic non-gmo unfiltered which means it has the mother in it and the mother is what carries all of those nutrients that are going to be beneficial to your body if you are taking apple cider vinegar make sure it has the mother the mother in it you do not want You you to get all the benefits you need to have it unfiltered and it needs to have the mother in it uh they're made in california like i said two gummies is one shot of like traditional apple cider vinegar and um like i said i looked at some Youtube videos and they were like oh i lost weight my skin is glowing um i don't have any sugar cravings and i'm like i didn't get those types of benefits like it was it was nice to know that i'm you know taking apple cider vinegar and a gummy The taste is really good they taste like candy i'm going to go ahead and take one they do have like a little twain to them like a like tart but you get used to it they're very good they're kind of big too like bigger than what i thought um They're good though i do think that the first the first batch that i had too they seemed like they were stronger like they had more apple cider vinegar in them than the the second batch that i got that has the three packs so i've got this is the full bottle And this is a full bottle so i'll be taking these if anything changes i'll let y'all know i'm keeping 100 with y'all that's that's my experience with the goalie gummies i just wanted to make a video real quick and let y'all know how i like the goalie gummies if you've had the Same experience or a different experience definitely let me know down in the comments so i'm not the only one because it seemed like everybody's just having these great benefits and i'm like well where is mine oh the other thing is okay these regular price i think now you can get them at Is it macy's you can get them at macy's you can order them on amazon or you can order them off the site but these are twenty dollars twenty dollars a bottle okay so they're not cheap and if you're taking these six a day and they're 60 in there That's a 10 day supply so if you're only taking two a day for 30 days then these will last you other than that you're gonna run out pretty quickly

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