Say Goodbye to Septic Tank Troubles with SEPTIFIX

Product Name: Septifix

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Are you tired of dealing with the  constant headaches that come with   owning a septic tank? [sPause sec=0.6  ePause] Overloading, high water usage,   poor maintenance, and other issues can  cause all sorts of problems, including: Noxious odors, Backups [sPause sec=0.4  ePause], Clogs, [sPause sec=0.4 ePause]  High water usage and more. Not to Mention the  Health risks associated with harmful bacteria  from Frequent pump-outs. These are just some of  the hassles of dealing with a  complicated septic tank system. But don't worry, [sPause sec=0.6 ePause] we have  the solution! SEPTIFIX tabs, are the ONLY oxygen   Releasing septic tank treatment on the US market,  with 6 times more live aerobic bacteria per gram,   than any other competitor. Their potent  eco-friendly bacteria drain cleaner quickly,   Reduces and eliminates noxious odors (the smell)  extremely fast - in just three to five days!   It breaks down, and eliminates all organic  sludge from septic tanks, including natural oils,   grease, and organic hydrocarbons. SEPTIFIX tabs destroys all the   bad anaerobic bacteria, like e-coli or  salmonella and other harmful pathogens,   which are usually found in septic tanks, and  can cause many health problems to your family.  SEPTIFIX Prevents back-ups and clogs,  and all other associated problems in   septic tank systems, including corrosion. SEPTIFIX Reduces, and in many cases, eliminates   the need to have your septic tank pumped! Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent pump-outs,   and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with  a healthy, well-maintained septic tank. So why wait? Experience the  ultimate septic tank solution!  Get SEPTIFIX now, and take the first step  towards a hassle-free septic tank experience!

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