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Hi my name is kate and i just want to share how stephanie fix fixed my septic thing so the summer i noticed that around our septic tank there was a lot of water that didn't smell nice at all it was hot so it hasn't rained a while And there was just no reason for the water to be there and also when i flush a toilet i saw bubbles coming up and since my husband was out of town for two weeks because of his job i panicked and i immediately called the plumbers so they came they pumped to set The tank but they gave me the bad news that they think that my septic that my septic tank was clogged so they gave me three alternatives and since the first two involved digging around the septic tank and destroying my beautiful yard not to mention the fact that the Estimate was over 10 grand for each i ended up choosing the third option septi fix which are these one-inch tablets that contain live bacteria they release oxygen and the plumbers told me that they would dissolve all the clogs since i wanted 100 sure that they would actually unclog my Septic tank as soon as i received them i flushed the whole box of the six tablets um and after just two days the smell was gone and after around 10 more days i noticed that all the water that was around the septic area was gone and it's been four months since then and Now i only flush one of these tablets down the toilet each month and that is it just a few weeks ago my husband actually called the plumbers to have him check the septic tank and they told him that the septic the safety fix right here an unclogged system and there's Nothing we should worry about so i'm really happy that the bacteria from these tabs here help me solve a potentially very costly problem so i definitely would recommend these

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