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Hello and welcome to another video from the honest review Channel today we're going to talk about an extremely important subject the treatment of septic tanks basic sanitation is a resource that has changed the reality of Public Health and the environment however it won't reach all regions so some places still require septic tanks For this reason it is essential for two aspects health and the environment this is because the lack of sewage treatment can cause major damage to both aspects with this in mind companies are seeking to offer effective solutions for cleaning these resources this minimizes the risk not only to health but also to The environment this is where septifix the best septic tank treatment comes in in this video you can see how quickly septifix Works in just three weeks the tanks are free of waste and the bad smell disappears all Solid Waste has been completely eliminated and the tanks Are now working perfectly each of the 55 gram tablets contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria more than 10 billion strains of bacteria per gram oxygenating and pH regulating compounds that safely and effectively increase the growth of bacterial colonies inside your septic tank allowing them to thrive for up to 90 days that's why if you use septifix your septic tank will remain clean for longer compared to all other septic tank treatments when the tablets reach your septic tank they dissolve slowly releasing sodium carbonate and oxygen up to 10 liters of oxygen per tablet the oxygen in the form of small bubbles Disperses throughout your septic tank while the sodium carbonate acts as a buffer in the water bringing it to a neutral pH the oxygen released reacts immediately with the waste substances inside your septic tank and reduces then slowly eliminates the smell in just three to five days at the same time all The bad anaerobic bacteria such as E coli or salmonella that form in your septic tank along with other harmful disease causing pathogens that can cause your family many health problems are destroyed meanwhile the live bacteria and septifix tablets feed on all the waste inside your septic tank including Toilet paper oils grease and soaps leaving your tank clean thus reducing and in many cases even eliminating the need to pump out your septic tank septifix tablets also prevent corrosion of pipes tubes pumps and valves by neutralizing the acids that occur naturally in Wastewater what's more they eliminate all blockages that occur Inside your septic tank so you can be worry-free knowing that you'll never have backups because your septic system is running smoothly septifix contains no harsh chemicals requires no special handling and is non-toxic and 100 safe to use and is manufactured in premium facilities here in the USA so rest Assured you'll be getting a premium quality product since septifix was launched more than 21 374 U.S septic tank owners use the tablets every month and 87 of them are repeat buyer and have purchased at least twice they're all worry free because their septic system is running smoothly as well as preventing all possible Problems you too need to triceptifix and enjoy these benefits tricepty fix and if it doesn't work you pay nothing you have a 60-day guarantee but you can get septifix only on the official website to guarantee this right to help you I'll leave the link in the description of This video and in the first comment if you like this video follow us like it share it with someone you know who needs septoflux see you in the next video

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