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What are septifix tablets septifix Tabs are specially formulated tablets designed to treat septic tanks they are composed of sodium carbonate and oxygen which are slowly released when the tablet dissolves in the septic tank the oxygen bubbles disperse throughout the tank reacting with the waste substances and reducing odors unlike other septic tank treatments Septifix tablets release around 10 billion strains of bacteria providing oxygenation and pH regulation that keeps septic tanks clean for up to three months at the same time the live bacteria in the tablets feed on the residues in the tank including toilet paper grease and oils effectively cleaning the tank and Reducing the need for pumping the septifix formula is the invention of a team of 14 scientists from a prestigious University depending upon research it is made as a 55 grams tablet with 14 strains of aerobic bacteria that cleanses the tank and maintains it clean for longer periods It is non-toxic safe and doesn't need special handling click the link in description how do septifix tabs work they start working immediately when septifix Tabs are introduced into the septic tank the slow release of oxygen from the tablets reacts with the waste substances breaking them down and eliminating odors The sodium carbonate in the tablets acts as a buffer bringing the water to a neutral pH this combination of oxygen release and pH regulation creates an ideal environment for the live bacteria in the tablets to thrive the live bacteria in septifix tabs play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy septic system They feed on the residues in the tank including organic sludge grease and oils this process helps to prevent clogs backups and other Associated problems by continuously using septifix tabs the need for septic tank pumping can be significantly reduced or even eliminated saving you time and money click the link in description conclusion Septifix reviews to summarize septifix tabs provide an Innovative and effective solution for septic tank maintenance by utilizing the power of oxygen release pH regulation and live bacteria these tablets can eliminate odors break down organic sludge prevent clogs and save you money on septic tank pumping specifically With this formula you can enjoy a clean and well-maintained septic system besides giving you peace of mind and confidence in your Wastewater disposal try septifix tabs today and experience the science behind this exceptional septic tank treatment above all the 100 refund guarantee assures that you will get the desired results and stay calm For more information click the link in description

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