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Hello my name is john and today i come to talk to you about the solution to a problem that i'm sure bothers you a lot the problem of the clogging of your septic tank well i know how hard this problem is and how much it affects and Disturbs you but it's okay because i'm going to present you what was the solution to my problem with the huge expenses generated the laudation was the septifix a product made to unclog remove the smell and much more from your septic tank but before we talk more about the septifics need to Give two very important alert for you the first is that due to the great success and demand of septifics many people want to take advantage in fake sceptifics and sell on other sites that is not the official and also even cell septifics in physical stores that are Not original so that you do not come fall into scams as almost i fell i will leave the official site that i'm accessing in the description of the video and also in the first comment fixed the other very important message i will leave for the end after i talk about the Benefits and what basically is septifics right the first thing i want to talk about is that septifics was developed by richard v when he saw how much his customers suffered and at high costs with the cleaning of their septic tanks decided along with scientists developed something that was able to solve the Problem and also that was cheap and accessible to everyone that's where it came septifics that subsequently had an investment in the millions and today conquers more and more people and solves problems septifix works because they are septic tank treatment tablets that are solid environmentally safe and release oxygen And after flushing them down the toilet they will easily solve all your septic tank problems by reducing and eliminating harmful odors extremely fast in just three to five days breaks down and eliminates all organic septic tank sludge including natural oils greases and organic hydrocarbons eliminates all Bad anaerobic bacteria such as e coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens that are commonly found in septic tanks and can cause many health problems for your family prevents backups and clogs and all other associated problems in septic tank systems including corrosion septifix reduces the need to pump out your septic Tank in many cases by using septifix you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year because your plumbing will work without problems and you won't have to worry about calling the fire department or a plumber to fix it each of the 55 gram septifix tablets contains 14 aerobic bacteria strains Over 10 billion bacteria strains per gram oxygenation and ph regulating compounds that safely and effectively increase the growth of bacteria colonies within your septic tank allowing them to thrive for up to 90 days so it's because of all this when you use septifix your septic tank stays clean Longer compared to all other septic tank treatments septifics eliminates the smell in as little as three to five days and all the bad anaerobic bacteria such as coli or salmonella that form in your septic tank along with other pathogens that cause harmful diseases and can cause many health problems for your family are Destroyed meanwhile the life septifics bacteria feed on all the waste that is inside your septic tank including toilet paper oils grease and soaps leaving in your tank reducing and in many cases even eliminating the need to pump your tank septifix contains no harsh chemicals requires no special handling is Non-toxic and 100 safe to use and is made right here in the usa now that i've explained to you what it is and the main benefits of septifix i want to talk about some more important things the first is that septifix has a 60-day warranty that's right all this Time is only possible because they trust their products so much and know its effectiveness that in less than seven days your problems are solved another important thing is that septific says free shipping all over the usa and about twenty one thousand three hundred and seventy four u s septic tank owners Use septifics every month and eighty seven percent of them are repeat buyers the last important thing i have to tell you is that you should pay attention to how you use sub to fix i say this so that you get the best possible result just throw a tablet or more in your Toilet or directly into the septic tank depending on how it is and finally just wait and keep using a tablet every month to keep your septic tank always clean and cared for simple as that now i hope that has not been any doubt about septifix if it has you can leave In the comments remembering you also that the link to access the official site and purchase safely is in the description and the first comment i really hope this video has helped you see you

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