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How septifix fixes all your septic tank issues saving you a small fortune every year I know this may sound far-fetched to you and even impossible but it's what thousands of septic tanks owners throughout U.S are experiencing after using septifix every month people like John or Kathy I started Using septifix tabs after I saw the Wonders it did at my brother's house my septic tank was failing and the stench around it was so unbearable that I was ashamed to welcome guests even though we have such a beautiful garden surrounded by trees even my grandkids Hated to come visit as my daughter their mom was not allowing them to play near the septic tank because she was afraid they could get sick and since the cost of a repair was just not an option I bought two boxes of septifix tabs enough to last for a year I followed the directions and took into consideration the size of my septic tank so I started with three tabs down my toilet after three days only the smell was gone the standing water over the cover of the septic tank was gone in about five days now one tab of septifix per month makes My septic tank work perfectly and my grandkids can now play through my whole garden I am very happy and grateful as a septic tank repair would have cost me thousands of dollars John C Los Angeles California after building our house far away from sewers we had to learn how to deal with a Septic system we were using bleach and other similar products so when we finally had the tank pumped we were told there were a lot of solids and even clogs through the system and that we needed to do a septic tank treatment before they came back in about six months Thanks God they also told us about septifix and after a three-tab start we continued with one tab down the toilet monthly and we stopped using bleach products when the Septic Service Company came back they were really impressed with the condition of the tank and told us that pumping was not needed we will Definitely continue to use septifix paying a little for it is well worth the savings will realize by having the tank pump less often not to mention the fact that septifix is helping us avoid more significant performance problems with our septic system Kathy M stove Vermont we have hundreds Of testimonials like these ones coming to our support email daily and before I'll share more of them with you allow me to share what septifix tablets are why and how they can help you solve all your septic tanks problems for good septifix Tabs are septic tank treatment tablets that are solid environmentally Safe and oxygen releasing after you flush them down your toilet they will easily solve all your septic tanks problems once they reach your septic tank they reduce then eliminate noxious odors the smell extremely fast in just three to five days break down and eliminate all organic sludge from septic tanks including Natural oils grease and organic hydrocarbons destroy all the bad anaerobic bacteria like E coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens which are usually found in septic tanks and can cause many health problems to your family prevent backups and clogs and all other Associated problems in septic tank systems including corrosion reduce and In many cases eliminate the need to have your septic tank pumped by using septifix you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year because your plumbing will run smoothly and you won't have to worry about calling the Pumpers or a plumber for a fix plus you'll help protect the environment Because all the water that goes out from your septic system into the environment will be 100 Clean and Free of chemicals and pollutants how and why we created septifix everything started in 2014. one of our Founders Richard V was the owner of a plumbing company with over 200 employees He was doing business in nine states making huge profits helping septic tank owners with cleaning pumping installing repairs and maintenance of their septic tanks but after seeing that so many of his clients were spending even over ten thousand dollars to have their septic tank system repaired because of bad maintenance He decided to do something and help his clients prevent problems in their septic tank systems especially since Richard hated the stench that was created each time his clients had their septic tank pumped so in partnership with a prestigious University he hired a team of 14 scientists who worked daily for Over three years to develop the formula behind our septifix tablets with an investment of over 1.50 millions in research their hard work finally paid off and they were able to create the number one septic tank treatment on the market septifix here's how fast septifix has cleaned These two septic tanks as you can see in the video Below in just three weeks three tabs of septifix have cleaned these two septic tanks all the solid waste was completely eliminated and the tanks are now running smoothly each of our 55 grams tablets contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria over 10 billion Bacteria strains per gram oxygenation and pH regulating compounds that safely and effectively boost the growth of bacteria colonies inside your septic tank allowing them to thrive for up to 90 days that's why if you use septifix your septic tank will stay clean for longer periods of time compared to all other Septic tank treatments when our tablets get in your septic tank they dissolve slowly releasing sodium carbonate and oxygen up to 10 liters of oxygen per tablet the oxygen in form of small bubbles disperses throughout your septic tank while sodium carbonate acts as a buffer on the water bringing it to a neutral pH The released oxygen reacts immediately with the waste substances that are inside your septic tank and reduces then slowly eliminates the smell in just three to five days at the same time all bad anaerobic bacteria like E coli or salmonella which form in your septic tank together with other harmful Disease-causing pathogens and can cause many health problems to your family are destroyed in the meantime the live bacteria from our septifix tabs feed with all the residues that are inside your septic tank including toilet paper oils grease and soaps leaving your tank clean thus reducing and in many cases Even eliminating the need to have your septic tank pumped yes many of our clients never have to call the expensive Pumpers again saving hundreds of dollars each year our septifix tablets also prevent corrosion of pipes tubes pumps valves by neutralizing the acids that occur naturally in Wastewater Plus they eliminate all clogs that occur inside your septic tank so you can be worry-free knowing that you'll never have backups as your septic system is running smoothly septifix contain No harsh chemicals require no special handling and are non-toxic and 100 safe to use and are manufactured in our premium facility Here in U.S so rest assured that you'll get a premium quality product so why is septifix way more efficient than any other septic tank treatment

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