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Hey it's me i'm back healthnick here for another health video listen let's let's be honest so recently i brought someone else on to the nick is not green universe team her name's felicia she is writing for me so she's coming up with ideas and pitching some some of the stuff you see here Today she's not like writing scripts and putting words in my mouth you know i'm still a free guy okay i believe in free speech the first amendment and the second amendment too okay second amendment's the one it's freedom of being epic right working on my comedy So felicia is now helping out with some of the ideas if you watched the keto video from yesterday why do we keep saying keto if you watched the keto video for yesterday she helped out with that idea and uh helped bring some of the sources and some of the main points That i touched on in that video and she's doing great and i don't really know how to bring this topic up without bringing up that she showed it to me so i can let you know that i'm experiencing this for the first time but all the sheet that she sent me says Is tropical loophole which to me that sounds like a slushy flavor 7-eleven the tropical loophole or maybe one of those like six flags island of adventures water slides the one that like freaking that big blue one ethan's gonna find a picture and if he can't he's Gonna draw one okay it's a big funnel looking thing and you do it drop and you go back and forth in the funnel okay it's a big funnel okay if you can't find it i don't know what else to tell you okay she sent me this Link it just says there's so much to unpack just watch this video okay so i open it up and it says ex appear oh we already got a pop-up so okay there's so much to look at here tropical loophole dissolves fat overnight dude i'm gonna become a health Account this is great but then before i could even look at anything it says wait 234 000 people use this exotic hack to melt away lbs that's pounds for you non-americans of deep fat every day click the button below and discover the jaw-dropping before and after pics of Men and women i said men before women i must be you know you know that's where my beliefs lie click the button below and discover the jaw-dropping before and after pics of women and men just like you who've used this tropical trick see jaw-dropping result pictures of real users of this incredible exotic Loophole or i can stay on the current page here is it i mean this is the same website it's like they're giving me a pop-up for the same exact thing i'm going to stay on the current page for now i don't really want to see progress pictures okay here we go tropical loophole Dissolves fat overnight of course i've got the timer ticking down to my immediate death claim you're discounted x appear below while stocks last we're gonna click let's hear the sound let's go diving in i'm not hearing i i don't have anything on i need to find headphones okay here we go Monica smile for the camera thank you i'm gonna post this one okay done oh nobody wants to see that there is nothing to be proud of here yeah put it away i would stay inside haven't we all been there oh god it just so if you pause the video completely Takes you out but i still have this great little thumbnail here so we all know that feeling when you're on instagram and you post a picture of you in a swimsuit and everyone immediately degrades you and insults you in the comments publicly ugly and fat what you're going for kids must be so Important whale you're an absolute beast disgusting sort yourself out okay the beast one is kind of a compliment imagine if you posted a picture and someone was like you're an absolute beast i'd be like let's freaking go but also i i do have skinny privilege so I can't really speak on that i'll edge your head secretly hang on can you imagine the smell of the smell the smell it's about the smell Surprisingly sinking she was standing there just standing in front of i hate how would i pause this video it like even if you hit the pause button it takes you back That without what happened next is hard and humiliating for me to tell but god gives me the strength oh the discovery of a breakthrough tropical loophole so classified you've never seen it before and so powerful that without a second of dieting or exercise in just weeks made monica barrett a 44 year old Mom of two from indiana suddenly dissolve 59 pounds of thick wobbly fat from her butt hips arm and face how long how long did it take again as it led to my discovery of a break made monica barrett a 44 year old mom of two from indiana suddenly for exercise In just weeks and just weeks when you say in just weeks you mean two three four weeks like 150 weeks or are those weeks not over yet is it still going maybe he's talking about something that happened in the future i mean it has to be less than What you would consider to be months which i would say three months so let's say at the longest it was 11 weeks monica barrett a 44 year old mom of two from indiana suddenly so that's 59 pounds over 11 weeks which is 5.3 pounds a week So the cdc says that it's one to two pounds a week and on average four to eight pounds per month so at best we're looking at anywhere from three to six times the amount that you're supposed to be losing which doesn't sound very healthy especially when it's talking about it as dissolving Weight feels a little intense but at worst let's say uh in just weeks maybe three weeks you lost 59 pounds that's 20 pounds in a week which is 2.8 pounds per day which let's just say that's a lot more than what's okay so either this person is probably going to die soon Because they're losing too much weight and their body doesn't have what it needs to survive or their line which is i guess is the name of the game you know it's a lie it's a scam obviously it's called the tropical loophole but i don't know let's see Where this has to go dissolve 59 pounds of thick wobbly fat from her butt hips arm and face going from this to this wow at least so tiny that even the clothes from her 20s were too loose and fell off from her hips as she slipped into sexy skin-tight dresses who Are these relieving her back and hip pain and skyrocketing her energy and confidence her family and friends in awe of her tone cellulite free body begging to know her secret and not just monica her husband jack used this exotic loophole himself every morning these aren't real people the more the fat Melted these are not these are all stock footage people these are not actual people he woke in shock as he dropped three pounds the very first night and the weeks that fall well there you have it right there three pounds in one day is what they're saying three pounds Overnight which means that in a week you'd be looking at somewhere around 20 pounds which is 10 to 20 times more than what is healthy to lose which sounds even worse than what i said before and i know we all know this is unhealthy this isn't anything this isn't a hot take or Anything but i do think it's funny how they promote this kind of stuff oh crap i gotta wait again 234 000 people use this hack to melt away pounds of deep fat every time i read deep fat i think of deep state like the deep the deep State you know i got to get after the deep fat okay fine you got me i'll click it i'll freaking click it okay it's another video five second exotic hack that melts 59 pounds of fat what do they mean by five second though like how is It that that many oh okay i got another pop-up we're selling out faster than expected and stock of x appears running low remember every discounted three bottle package of x appear comes with the two bonus books absolutely free or you can make the smart decision and get the heavily discounted six bottle Package which comes with the two bonus books absolutely free along with free shipping as well yes keep reading this page okay so this is what we're looking at x appears unlike anything you've ever tried or experienced in your life before it is the only product in the world with a pr Blend of eight exotic nutrients and plants designed to target low brown adipose tissue levels the newfound root cause of your unexplained weight gain i don't think they can look at you and just be like you got unexplained weight gain and there's no there's no answer to it besides this bat thing there's Nothing you did for it to happen you just gotta take our little pill and it'll all burn off of you okay let's see inside of every exopure capsule you'll find this plant this thingy this plant ginger this plant this plant this plant and these grapes where set in it's a Plant pigment okay and here are your cool little books which does confuse me like why would you need a book if you have a pill that's just gonna like burn you to death and if you look down here you can get one bottle which is 30 days for 59 which usually costs 200 That's a big big discount but if you want to go for the big boy there's such a discount that normally this would cost you almost 1200 dollars but they are willing to give it to you for 234 dollars you're saving 900 there guys that's legit that sounds legit to me now What does surprise me is the fact that they do give you a money-back guarantee because i assumed that the scam was you go for the best deal and you get the six bottles and then it doesn't work but you can't really give it back so you just Kind of toss it all away and they made their money and they move on to the next person who's willing to fall for their scam trust pilot has a five star review which actually is really interesting because for scams it's usually very low now if we go to trustpilot it has a 4.2 Which isn't a 5 star but it's still pretty good and i look at some of the reviews and it says the first one says does not work virtually impossible to get a refund which kind of cements my original theory was that they don't really give you a refund now this is a Good review right here oh interesting it says invited the reviewer left a review for this company after clicking on a direct link to trustpilot's review form which means that the link came from their website so someone was invited to come leave a review for them i started Taking ex superior about one month old and have lost 10 pounds so far super happy with that and will defo continue to take it as i want to lose another 12 to 15 pounds i should be able to do with my three bottles as i expected the rate At which i am losing to drop slightly so i don't know that sounds like a weird way to talk to me okay there's some other bad reviews though like this one took me such a long time to get out of dot dot dot the youtube loophole to Realize it's a scam go check out a doctor's review on x appear on youtube and save yourself some time it's called fake ex appear reviews exposed by doc insights also most people buy through youtube so if you got scammed please comment there and share experience so That others don't get scammed i mean if you look at the rest of these reviews they don't really look like someone that's actually just going to review it and not someone that was paid off or you know brought there to give a five-star review Oh yeah i love how small it is it's easy to swallow and the fact that his natural ingredients makes us veggies proud i've gone down four dress sizes and lost just over 40 pounds it feels great to look in the mirror now when i catch my reflection i love it For the first that's how a real person talks yeah time in my life i believe in myself that i am capable of losing weight i lost 33 pounds and with it i lost dude these slow motion shots are ridiculous wait what is this guy's name science I believe george mayer is he a real person who's this guy my life is is it's totally transformed it has helped me lose this guy talks like such an ally and four off my hips and my skin has cleared up i feel so much happier i'm a new person thanks To jack's natural tropical the slow motion's crazy because this natural loophole targets the biological root cause of your belly fat once the fat's gone it's gone forever so no more worrying about jumping between skinny and baggy pants i don't think that's how body fat works i don't think you can Just kill the root part of it it's not like a freaking virus you can't just like kill the root part of it and it never will grow back again so are they just saying you're skinny forever once you try this it's losing and gaining the same five pounds over and over or how Slim you'll be in one month or one year from now the truth is you've never heard about this solution before i can guarantee it who's this the greedy corrupt 78 billion dollar weight loss industry are furiously doing everything in their power to hide it from you and Take this video down as their entire business relies on you getting fatter and fatter sicker and sicker staying as a customer for life time is ticking i don't know how much longer we have so listen carefully pay attention and watch this video to the very end in the following band presentation you'll be Shocked when you discover okay hold on hold on so the weight loss industry which already preys on people who are insecure about their bodies and want to lose weight doesn't want to support something that basically does the same thing but it's just waste gummier about it i mean that's what the weight loss Industry is i don't know what if the numbers are correct or whatever but it does rely on you feeling uncomfortable about your body but i can guarantee you this is probably the worst possible one out there i'm pretty sure at least other weight loss scams or you know just programs try to Have something tangible you know give you a healthier meal or give you a workout plan and even if they do promise you're losing weight at least sometimes there's scientific things behind it that's a there's a bit of a stretch with a lot of weight loss programs out there But i mean for this it's just nothing it's a pill that says there's a bunch of vegetables and it's gonna eat your little fat monster inside of you and it's gonna make you skinny again but now there's a banned presentation when dr wilkins saw us again he was astonished As he saw our slim athletic figures monica your your health markers are incredible he said you've gone down nearly 60 pounds and that's six stress sizes who's doing these voices i thought that was gonna be a real doctor they're just saying some doctor's name in blood pressure or That of a 20 year old your dopamine levels the happy hormone are 40 higher your resting heart rate is that of an athlete best of all i have your scans take a look your brown fat levels are now 900 higher than they were before that's nine times more calorie burning nine times More fat dissolving power he said can you imagine when your doctor tells you the same how will you feel well neither of us could after 16 years of darkness dude what is wrong with this guy so this guy's a psychopath i'm a 43 year old police sergeant and live with my Beautiful wife monica and our two girls in harrisonburg virginia and in 2010 i was part of the 200 strong police officers who quilled a riot that started from just a simple student block party but quickly turned into a very dangerous and frightening 8 000 man riot that left many of my fellow officers Injured and stabbed i tell you this because i know what it's like to lose control just like a small block party can turn against you into a very deadly situation soak in your body and that's what happened to monica and me and you too our story will likely sound familiar We met in our 20s madly in love and not a care in the world slim athletic and taking our health for granted then at uh 20 this is why i show you only stock footage of our lives and no actual videos that exist of us not even a Single picture of me and my wife anyways this this thing is this thing is ridiculous i mean we've all seen scams like this and i know it's funny to look at but you know it ruins people's lives which is cool i guess moral of the story is if it looks Sketchy it's normally sketchy yeah especially when it comes to website design i got 18 minutes left though in case i want to go in on it what if i just refresh oh i got 30 more minutes let's go what do you know i guess i'm sort of a Little genius anyways that's that thanks for watching that video guys honestly i needed that i really needed that support from you guys so thank you so much it's time to talk about the tattoo bracket yesterday i forgot to put the freaking link in the description but i ended up putting in the description Descriptions i hope at least a few people voted we should have a good idea of what people wanted please don't be a 70 30. so remember these were the ones we voted for 15 the cat and 16 the little apple guy and you guys picked well this one has Actually 78 22 so that was a pretty decent split the winner is going to be the cat so here is the updated bracket it's looking great that is the whole first round we're completely done with the first round now we're moving on to round two match one we're moving on to The elite eight so today's matchup is gonna be between tattoo number two and tattoo number three okay so go to the poll in the description down below hopefully i remembered to link it down there and vote your little freaking heads off thank you again for watching this video i will see you tomorrow

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